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Covid-19 and the Masque of the Red States

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/01/covid-19-and-masque-red-states

A great song to make the point of the sod and field.
“Desert Pete.” - Kingston Trio. - Glenn Campbell on banjo by the way

The US will soon have to come to grips with how to live WITH THIS VIRUS.

Because large segments of our society are obviously too heedless, selfish, and willfully ignorant to practice even the simplest of public health precautions, and because our government hates supporting anyone who isn’t rich, we’re going to have to open our economy, hopefully protect the most vulnerable (or at least make it easier for them to help themselves), and collectively “accept” lots more hospitalizations and deaths. At this point, it’s baked in, same as climate chaos.

Does that make me (even more) ashamed of my country? Hell yes.
But can we put this Covid19 genie back in the bottle? Hell no.


Yesterday the State Of Washington just South of our border here in BC announced 497 new cases of COVID19.

Population of Washington State 7 million or so.

The entire Country of Canada saw 286 new cases. Population of Canada 37 million.

This is not just a Red State problem.(As an aside Canada is red on nearly every world map :slight_smile: )

There was talk that the border to the USA may have to be closed for a year to non essential traffic. It might go well beyond a year.


Skeptic, “If they think they are tougher than the virus, then they are macho stubborn as well.”

Sadly, the numbers in Washington state are decidedly low in comparison to FL, TX, AZ, CA, GA…

The US caseload is likely to climb by over 50,000 in a single day later this week. And truly, the red state/blue state approaches won’t matter much in the long run. Here in Michigan we flattened the curve despite gun-toting right wing thugs whining about freedom. Then, with new cases falling below 200/day, we went to stage one of reopening. Sure as shit, cases and deaths are on a notable uptick here.

The US could/would not get a grip on this – now it’s way too late. I go to Detroit River once in a while and stare across at Windsor, estimating if I can swim the distance and avoid freighters. It’s pretty doable from Detroit’s island park, Belle Isle. I figure once I get there, I can blend in. I’m tempted, man, this country is a straight up hellhole.


The numbers in Washington State show just how far gone this virus gone. The State was credited with having one of the most robust and effective responses to the virus outbreak in the USA yet is still orders of magnitude worse off than Canada.

It sort of like gun control. Various States have stronger rules against firearms possession but all those rules are useless if the next state over has no rules at all. Washington State can not as effectively close its borders to other US Citizens as Canada can closes its borders to US Citizens so Washington State can never be as effective at containing this.


We’re past the point of no return here.
The US is now a global pariah – a status we wholly earned, and not just because of C19.


What is the actual Infection-to-Fatality rate for all these areas seeing a Surge? What is the breakdown in age groups being affected? Hospitalizations?

Funny - I never see these stats being reported? A little odd, don’t you think?


So far, probably due to case load skewing younger, hospitalization and death rates are lower.

However, with the caseloads going through the roof, even those lower rates are supplying plenty of patients for the ICUs in the worst-effected states. Arizona’s hospitals are now essentially full.

Now, it’s possible that with raging community spread, more vulnerable populations will be infected and fill hospitals and die in greater numbers. Hopefully, vulnerable people have learned how to take precautions by now. Then again, lots of people are S3: Stupid, stubborn, and selfish. Sadly, that includes older, and supposedly wiser, types.

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The pandemic is raging in the south and west, but tRump says the pandemic is going away. Does tRump mean that the south and the west are so unimportant that he wouldn’t mind if they seceded from the US?

You forgot macho stupid.

It’s getting harder wrap your head around. This Wednesday brings us 50,000 new cases. So what’s to worry about. sarcasm

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Though at least unlike the climate collapse that is coming it is possible to live with the virus. I’ve said this before but the silver lining of this virus is that it is showing the sheer uncaring nature our government has for us. And when the evictions en mass come in the next month or two I think even the threat of COVID will no longer be enough to keep the populace from revolting. Or that is what I would like to believe anyway.

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At length I remembered the last resort of a great princess who, when told that the peasants had no bread, replied: “Then let them eat brioches.”

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As someone from the Northwest it sure is tempting these days.

Agreed. This is why the Europe ban on flights to and from the U.S. should not only be set permanently even after the virus but the whole world should sign on a deal to not allow such travel for both travel and business. Basically a global sanction on the U.S.


The fact that it took until June for WA to finally enforce a mask in public mandate shows you how late to the party even the “progressive” states in the U.S. are. WA, we are the best of the worst.

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Yet here in BC there NOT a Public mandate to wear masks. Even when I went into grocery stores I was not forced to wear one. They basically just announced guidelines to minimize the spread and the people went along. Again when Dr Bonnie Henry spoke to this issue the people for the most part heeded her advice.

That “No one can tell ME what to do” , in the “do not tread on me” vein is very much one of the single largest differences between our Countries. The majority of people here in Canada , do not equate those guidelines and those common sense requests with “The loss of freedom and liberty”. Now there certainly are people here breaking the rules and not heeding that advice but those tend to be among the younger crowd who do not see this as much as a personal liberty issue as one where they just want to party and don’t think COVID will affect them.

Now I personally do not wear a mask all the time when in Public. I have masks with me but I just use common sense as to when I will wear one. I try and maintain my distance, wash my hands regularly and do not mix in with large crowds. If mixing in with a crowd unavoidable , I put that mask on. Our Company advised us to work from home when and where we could and provided all workers with masks, gloves and hand cleaner in bulk . Most businesses will also provide these to customers.

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Well what do you expect from a country who ties “freedoms” to being able to openly carry a submachine gun in public?