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COVID-19 and the Unmasking of Donald Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/27/covid-19-and-unmasking-donald-trump


I’d like to take IQ45 to Fisheating Creek, just shy of 100 miles (WNW) from Mar-a-Lago, where the alligators are thick as thieves. There is probably nothing I would enjoy more than to watch it self destruct upon the beauty and reality of Nature. Yes, I said “it”. “It” is not human, at least by my account. Don’t know if Pepto Bismol is reptile approved.


There is no need to unmask him. He never had a mask in the first place. He has always been the naked face of greed and ignorance.


What I find much, much, much more disturbing than any ‘unmasking’ of Donald Trump, is the duplicitous portrayal of Democrats as a viable alternative.

There is no doubt that the Trump administration is an abomination. However, it is very disappointing to see many progressives supporting the propaganda that, because Trump sucks, the alternative is the leadership of Democrats.

Yes, the inhumanity and destructiveness of Republican leadership is unacceptable. But Democrats absolutely embrace capitalism, imperialism, and environmentally unsustainable practices that are unacceptable as well. Local cooperative based movements, such as Cooperation Jackson and Cooperation Humbolt, and many international initiatives from many of the world’s First Nations people’s to Argentina to Zambia, so positive alternative forms of economic, social, and political organization.


From the article:

“…there’s a vaccine that becomes available Tuesday, November 3. Spread the cure. Vote to break the spell.”

If the cure is Joe Biden, I’ll take my chances elsewhere.

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I’d be fascinated to see the psychic turmoil that the release of MAGA masks might cause. Would Donal the Great wear one? Would his supporters? Would his opponents as a means of ridiculing his declarations? I await the on line sale through Amazon (Donald the Great’s favourite commercial enterprise). Perhaps they’ll be made available at Tump hotel’s and Golf clubs. That would be precious.

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This from the Australian government.

"## Does wearing a mask help reduce my risk of COVID-19?

If you are generally healthy and not caring for a person with COVID-19, it is not recommended that you wear a surgical mask. There is little evidence supporting the widespread use of surgical masks by healthy people.

If you are ill, however, you should put on a mask, if you have one, to prevent spreading the infection to others."

Apparently it was believed that general mask wearing could produce false security and lead to less care taken regarding social distancing and hygiene.

As of May 27, 2020, 21:38 GMT, Australia has had 4 deaths per million of population (which ranks equal 115th highest in the world) and 280 cases of Covid-19 infections (103rd highest).


There will be no doubt various other reasons for Australia’s relatively low rates but its experience may point to ‘masks’ as not being as nearly significant as other measures.

The reason Australia can suggest this is due to its tracking and tracing abilities that kept the number of infections very small. We need to wear one because in most countries like North America in general, were not on top of the virus shortly after it was ascertained, without dispute, that it was indeed transmitted from human to human and appeared likely to become a global pandemic after investigations conducted in China starting in December by the WHO which is comprised of internationally recognized experts in the field. If we in the Western countries had not been so complacent, we too would be open for business and not universally wearing a mask.


Or maybe some of those huge constrictors. I forget the species, but it’s big. Like 40 feet long. And well able to devour a human. I can hear it now…Hiss…NOOO!! Crunch, crunch, crunch. Then a long feeding gulp. Snake won’t eat again for another couple of months, then poop out orange glop. Gators would be cool, too. But the fat content plus assorted chemicals we’ve accumulated in our bodies may not be gator friendly.


We don’t have a Trump problem, we have a GOP problem…Fisheating Creek in Florida sounds like a good alternative venue for the GOP Convention, able to handle volume…read Moscow Mitch bus loads of other GOP mobsters.

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Says it all.

Or the bigger insult which is the implication that there’s been any president who has been a “friend of the people” in my adult lifetime.

this is pure partisan fantasy from a notorious shill.

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This is the kind of article written from a liberal bubble of wishful thinking. Trump has not been unmasked. He is who he is and those who see him for that have always done so. Those who see him as a savior pushing their agenda do not see him any differently.

If anything has been unmasked it is the rottenness and brokenness of Capitalism and of the U.S. corporate politics. The unmasking of capitalism as the wealthiest profit while homelessness and unemployment explode and as more and more of us die is far more powerful and filled with potential – both promising and ominous – than democratic liberal exclamations that somehow this has revealed, rather than just confirmed what we know about Trump.

Yes, Steve, there is no doubt on the depravity of both trump and the republicons, and I also am incensed at the duplicity/complicity of DINO politicians who play us false at every turn.
Take for example the odious Andy Cuomo who spent so much time on TV re Covid-19, angling for power, but left communities of color in jeopardy, and most egregiously and infuriating, showed his true self - Cuomo unmasked - by shielding nursing home and hospital execs from liability for their criminal negligence and deaths of people in their care!

26 May, 2020
“Less than two years after the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA), poured more than $1 Million into his re-election campaign - Cuomo signed legislation last month quietly shielding hospital and nursing home executives from the threat of lawsuits stemming from the coronavirus outbreak - shielding corporate officials who run New York hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities from liability for Covid-related deaths and injuries -. The provision, inserted into an annual budget bill by Cuomo’s aides, created one of the nation’s most explicit immunity protections for healthcare industry officials, according to legal experts”

  • typical behavior and quid pro quo corruption serving wealth and power via campaign-contribution bribery rather than the public and Common Good from both trump and DINO frauds like Cuomo - two different styles, same corrupt service to the 1%!


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I had thought of the other revelation of a blusterous fraud in The Wizard of Oz, that of the “man behind the curtain” exposed by one brave little dog who could see right through all the bullshit and was not about to just shut up and allow it to go unchecked.

To rely on the election that MIGHT happen in November is giving trump his best chance to throw just enough cover at the right time to keep his public seduced into carrying the election for him or erupting with heavily armed violence if he doesn’t.

The “spell”, I believe, can be broken by just one little journalist, legislator or even ordinary citizen who takes an opportunity to voice the rage of millions to trump’s face in a very public setting so that all may see just how weak, cowardly and ineffectual he is in reality. At some point, isn’t someone just going to get mad as hell and not be able to take this anymore, and just lose their shit on him in a press conference or other public appearance? You think he’d be able to not throw the most pissypants “I’M MELTING (down)” tantrum you’ve ever seen or just shrink into the floor with finally for once in his life appropriate embarassment?? No, the little boy behind the curtain of an oversized suit will be revealed in a way that has a chance to be felt by his cult followers like a bucket of ice water out of nowhere and wake them up to the hard truth that he has been using them for his own ego and fucking them over with the rest of us who strive to keep our families alive in the face of a greed-wrecked economy topped off by a murderous pandemic.

Who will be the Toto who steps up to turn the tide for the kindhearted Dorothy & friends or the Dorothy who liberates the witch’s army from her wicked spell?

It’s a monstrosity that has happened on our watch! Humanity in 2016, voted for that. The man is effectively already-dead/not there inside -in at least two areas - to think there is anything genuinely good or conscious inside that will can genuinely respond to consience or sanity or intelligence or depth or sincere, innocent unselfishness or any state in fact that is not ego-centric(!)… is quite a vain attempt, sadly. How he is motivated by narcissism and his gut-brain that is what people dislike about it (or weirdly, perversely, like about it) - which is a concern!. But that is his achillees heel, as well.
Having Bernie Sanders to really go for this lack of heart or humanity, this lack of decency truth and honour; of course, competence, but mostly psychopathology. I donlt believe sadners would go for that last thing. Buytsomone needs to doa documentary -and now, on his one-dimensionalness and his narcissistic personality disrder which is SO OUT THERE I seriously think it is unmissable - esp. with all the self-rerfereence and his need for self-congratulation. … But Yes, Biden needs to win if it’s him!
Most people, even Republicans, want some Good in their presindent, If they see that he is not a Good guy - but quite a Bad guy, who f=doesn;t give a sh*t about their child’s future, then this can spead like wildfire. We wish!
Strictly-speaking, being a psychpath is not really his fault; it is the System that has allowed this in!
I mean -it beggars belief doesn’t it!?
All presidents have had their corrupt or weak areas more or less - but this will be studied in the very-near future for the man who (-along wih others) helped bring us toward climate-catastrophe , making it harder for the whole of human civilisation to get a grip and act radically, togther, now, radically-enoiugh, in time. Children -the ones wth most to lose, will see this Ignorant Ego Reptile (sorry reptiles!) as an Evil man or a horrible insane madman that has help ruin their world, as they will with Bolsonaro and the Aussie guy!
In the meantime, most leaders are gonna have to change, radically here. This really is our last opportunity! All countries need to go carbon-neutrel by 2035 at the latest.

The Trump respects the queen, apparently (the only genuine political affection that could be our saviour!) Maybe she could have a word and tell him, forcibly, to quit now!

But seriously - You have to get it out and do not let someone like that EVER get near that Office again! There needs to be safeguards for psychopaths - and it is not just in the US where they try to make their home!