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COVID-19 and Trump's Racist Rhetoric

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/19/covid-19-and-trumps-racist-rhetoric

This is comedy gold at its best(scary though), lest see, virus breaks out in communist china. china hides disease and prosecutes doctor/s for trying to warn the world(now dead), china continues to hide critical facts, influences the world health org to not ban travel, not declare pandemic delay a worldwide public health emergency. China itself and the main stream news as well as many others were calling its the Wuhan Coronavirus, the Chinese Coronavirus and China’s Coronavirus, but when Trump does it its wrong? Chinese leaders have been stating that the USA brought it to china and we get crickets from the msm. china is actively bribing Americas bioscientists, professors, virologists. in fact, 1 week before this broke out Harvard prof Charles Lieber was arrested for taking bribes, as well as Chinese military members in USA who were lying about why they were here, were c aught trying to smuggle bioweapons to china from the USA. This is not racist its the truth. it is from Wuhan China, its from a live animal market, if not escaped from Bio level 4 wuhan(military) institute of virology. Simple google " ““Media Says ‘Chinese Coronavirus’ Term Is Xenophobic- Is That Why They’ve Used It”” You liberal snowflakes are going to destroy what is left of your Country if you don’t stop the smoke screens and look at what’s important,… stopping communist china, their subversion and their stupid viruses. Best of luck, have a look at this

put YouTube before this link watch?v=5eZtCq1aj2g&feature=emb_title

Ok so China was caught smuggling bio weapons from the USA to China. So are you suggesting the Corona virus a US bio weapon and are you stating that the USA has bio weapons in defiance of the Biological Weapons Convention to which the USA is a signatory?

lol, first it was a mistype, they were caught smuggling biological material, will fix. Secondly, if a straw man arguments is all you can come up with, Im sorry for you. that’s pretty lame. Everything I said is fact, there is no refuting or dismissing it. Why not address something at least. , maybe the fact that the media was calling it the wuhan virus, the Chinese virus and chinas coronavirus, but when Trump does it, only after the Chinese accused the us military of spreading it during the chinese military games, now its wrong? lol If you do not think that the us has biological weapons, that’s pretty green. I await a response, but after the straw man Ill assume you still have nothing.

Mistype was it? No do not go back and correct it. You stated they took biowarfare weapons from the USA.

By the way I do not think the term “Chinese Virus” is on its surface any more racist then “The Spanish Flu” or the “Hong Kong Flu”. What makes it racist is the nature of the man using that term and his motives for doing so. Trump is an idiot and a racist. Another by the way . When the Hong Kong Flu struck , Hong Kong was a British Colony. It does not follow that the Flu “developed in a lab by the Brits to get Americans”

well, guess what they tried to steal biological material for their weapons program.whatever the case, what is your point? debating semantics really does nothing to advance your arguments. what are your arguments? that’s right you don’t have any. you are just blowing smoke. Trump’s a racist, lol that’s not an argument. Let me guess he is racist because he does not want illegals coming into the country, oops sorry, undocumented folks. you probably want to give them licenses and the right to vote? Are you for people illegally entering the country? people are so blinded by hate they don’t realize that Trump is for people who do it properly. there are legal avenues to immigration. just like the politicians that don’t serve you… you do not have an argument to anything I have said other than Trump is racist and a straw-man argument. do you realize that he is going to win again? the leaders of your party have not done anything in the last 3.5 years but obsess over and work to undermine the president of the USA, people are mad., SO many people were so disenfranchised with all the bs before Trump. since then, all dems, with their media wing have done nothing but race bait and obsess over trump. This has secured his reelection. Unfortunately, you are interested in name calling and not addressing any issues, just like your defeated, weak party, Good luck