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COVID-19 Crisis Accelerating "Long-term Decline of Coal"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/16/covid-19-crisis-accelerating-long-term-decline-coal

I’m thinking by early fall we will see a massive drop in fossil fuel use in this country. But a large up-tick in wood use for fuel, with huge amounts of people living in “Trumpvilles” around the country. What’s a Trumpville?, think “Hoovervilles” during the depression, I’m expecting a lot of them soon.

I think there are already a lot of them, it is a standard feature of American life. Entire areas where people live in their cars. Automakers will have to come up with some new designs.

It can’t all be linked to Covid though, maybe indirectly.

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Well, your right, they won’t be directly linked to COVID, but to our congress critters financial response to COVID. And yes this was started before the virus reared it’s ugly head, but the COVID response will be the final nail.

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Oh I agree, there is no bandaid large enough for this mess as everything that has been exploited can no longer be covered up. We need real change not more empty promises.

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