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Covid-19 Exposed the Urgency for a Right to Housing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/28/covid-19-exposed-urgency-right-housing

This is a public health issue of the first order. People out on the street or in shelters tend to huddle for warmth. Those that provide them with needed care take SARS-CoV-2 back to their families. Oh the humanity!

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For housing to be a right

Profit has to be left behind

Is that the Newsom who kicked families out of abandoned homes----Or the Newsom who steals people’s pensions and ss increases. Where does all this money go???but you will never see affordable housing being built. Newsom is a Republican-----Calif is the perfect place to start a real progressive party. Newsom increased Calif connected healthcare 30% in June during a pandemic??? Call any of these government agencies in Calif none of them know anything they are all working at home.

Just wait til next year when Newsom starts issuing fines for people not having healthcare-----Newsom can buy some expensive bottles of wine while homeless kids in Calif go hungry----

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What is housing, in ts most basic form? What does it provide that is necessary for humans to live in our world? Unlike wild animals, hunam beings cannot live in hollowed-out trees, available caves, under large rocks, nest in trees, or dig burrows underground. Humans require housing! Housing of some sort is a necessity. In a country as wealthy as ours, basic housing should be provided ~ not saying large, beautiful mansions, as many people have, but simple, basic housing to live in is as essential to life as air, food & water. In a land of millionaires & billionaires who want for nothing & contribute so little in form of taxes needed to ptopetly run this nation for the common good of its people & infrastructure, the money is there to provide for the basic needs of this Country. There is no excuse for not doing so.
The uber-wealthy need to start paying their fair share of the costs. They’ve been catered to for so long now that they actually feel ENTITLED to more tax cuts & that they shouldn’t have to pay INTO this society that they’ve been able to take so much out of. The middle-class & working poor are made to pay for the way of the wealthiest few. That shit has got to stop! (Now that they have bought & paid for so many politicians, it won’t be easily turned around ~ but it must be done!)
So, what are BASIC housing needs? Well, shelter from the elements, obviously. A place to be warm & dry, shelter from burning sun. LOCKING DOORS to help keep people & their stuff SAFE. To feel family is safe when you go to sleep at night ~ try feeling safe when you sleep on the streets, even in a tent!
Lights, heat, hot & cold running water, a place to cook meals & A BATHROOM (I can’t stress fhat enuff!), for all the basic reasons that we humans NEED one! These are NOT luxuries in today’s world; they are basic necessities. Bare bones, not fancy & take it from there. It’s essential to our daily survival!
There are other things that people need to live their lives ~ a job/income, health care including mental health services, clothing is good…we know what we need, but for now, I limit this to the very basic essential need of A PLACE TO LIVE & CALL HOME.
If we cannot provide for at least the most basic needs for human survival, if not minimal comfort, then AMERICAN CAPITALISM IS A HORRIBLE FAILURE!!