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Covid-19 Gag Rules Endanger Everyone, But Study Shows Unions Make It Easier to Assert Workplace Safety Rights

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/03/covid-19-gag-rules-endanger-everyone-study-shows-unions-make-it-easier-assert

The silence of the wolves

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Pollyanna Puffpiece Propaganda? Hourly workers were very frequently forced back into suicidal workplaces by their big unions; and 1099/ gig/ 3rd Party/ Temp workers exposed to lethal conditions and we all know it! For freelancers, writing on blogs to simply Pangloss over the obvious story: DNC & giant union funders are BOTH on bosses’ side and if you’re Black, Latino, Female or an immigrant, it’s been you against all three, your whole life. This was GOVERNMENT’S sacred responsability, to ensure a safe workplace. Not proclaim us, “essential workers,” then FORCE us to work sick, to infect coworkers, customers, loved ones. Refuse us free, plentiful and timely testing. Tell us to “just go on about our lives” ride subways full of other infectuous citizens, devoid of accurate information or even the slightest precautions (since all our politicians, pundits, media AND union bosses were already “working”, from vacation cottages in the Catskills, Poconos or Hamptons). TRUSTING your union to protect you is like believing “the Democrats” are on working folks’ side! They were on our BACKS, buying stock & trying out gelato freezer, breadmaker & Instapots Amazon workers were dying to deliver from Hazleton & Allentown COVID slaughterhouses?






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There is organizing, and there are organizations, just as there are principles, and there are politicians.

Never confuse a fealty to the first with a fidelity to the second, which is only earned through an integrity that is all too rare among those entities.

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Total agreement, THANK you! Essential, regardless of the organization. Labor, political, social or cooperative. Due to the most prevalent mode of infection, advanced age of my coworkers and (bipartisan deregulation, a youthful lack of symptoms, brainwashed subservience, MAGA attitude, lack of bargaining clout of THEIR coworkers), I’m simply amazed I’ve not lost more “retired” friends, compelled by usurious medical indebtedness to work through this spring/ summer. As auditors (amidst largely 1099, frequently undocumented contingency, gig labor) in Indian or Russian owned mills, mostly in “right to work” red states. It’s just disgusting to me, to hear all about this from folks bragging about crap they’ve gotten from Amazon, deals on new cars and bargain bulk food orders from CAFO/ slaughterhouses where sick refugee gig labor is just ignored by reactionary union hands.





Indian … Russian … 'merican …

Oligarchy and oppression are endemic to every capitalist state.

We need to view them through the lens of class, rather than “culture”.