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Covid-19 'Has Laid Bare' the Crisis of Healthcare in America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/08/covid-19-has-laid-bare-crisis-healthcare-america

What do Congress members pay for their heaIth care? What do White House employees pay? What exact does the military pay for aII the military peopIe that are injured and damaged by war?
WHO dismantled the pandemic preparation work that was said to be put into pIace by Obama? Where did aII the PPE and ventilators go in the Trump regime?
There are so many basic questions that need to be answered------and worst of aII…what is the BS which says that empIoyers are not responsible for the deaths of their employees, if the employers create an unsafe workplace? Did OSHA get erased? And then just IogicaIIy—if aII Americans had Medicare 4 A, imagine how many jobs would be created just in making sure that Americans actually got something for their tax doIIars!

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