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Covid-19 Means Good Times for the Pentagon

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/29/covid-19-means-good-times-pentagon

From the time Eisenhower warned us against it in 1961 until Saint Ron ascended the throne and fully embraced it two decades later it WAS the “military industrial complex” cited by Smithberger.

By the time the 1990 Gulf War erupted with “reporters embedded” in military units and euphemisms like “collateral damage” becoming household words the “military industrial complex” had fully evolved into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) with military infiltration of sports, Michelle Obama showing up at the Annual Academy Awards with Marines being a few of the many examples.

During the 21st century MIMIC became the biggest corporate welfare program in human history and it just keeps growing.


Let’s face it, the military is this nation’s idol. I remember watching Top Gun in the theater in 1985 and thinking to myself that it was nothing more than a glorified commercial for the war machine. The masses are to a large degree under the spell and the threat of feeling unpatriotic to question any military expense is knit into the fabric of most “good Germans”, don’t you know.



US Herd Immunity to natural wild childhood diseases is being overturned –

No one is engaging in the discussion of the break in the ability of parents to pass on
their lifelong immunity to their children – which cannot be done by passing on an injection.

As we’re already seeing, each succeeding generation is less healthy –

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“Each succeeding generation is less healthy”…especially mental health. Another metric confirming the US will soon be a full blown third world nation.

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THIS … IS …sickness in all its inhuman form and policy.

HOW and WHY can we go on inventing, justifying and spending like this, in ways that will produce NO useful outcome for us as a nation, exactly at a time it is SO evident that the NATION has other serious priorities!
To those who are actually SEEING and thinking … this is severely twisted NONSENSE!!
We are in trouble and we are giving authority — and OUR MONEY — to exactly those who seem incapable of (or disinterested in) seeing the trouble.

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I believe they know the end is very close, the wealthy think someone will protect them . .

ray –

True – mental illness continues to be more and more common –

But also more and more illnesses/diseases are being connected to VACCINES
which shockingly include many poisonous ingredients because as Louis Pasteur
made clear “You can’t grow germs on a clean apple.”

Formaldehyde, Aluminum, Antibiotics, Thimerasol/Ethyl Mercury, Polysorbate 80,
Influenza Viruses, Peanut Oil

Cancer rates in children are increasing, obesity, diabetes, asthma, childhood arthritis —

Defund the Military.

Whether folk in in STEM fields or not, people should speak out against the degree to which, in the US, the field has degenerated into a tool for corporate capitalism and the military: