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Covid-19 Profiteers Are Making a Killing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/22/covid-19-profiteers-are-making-killing

Making a killing off of killing.

The “Horror.”


Is this new(s)?
Looks like capitalism at work to me, same as it always been.
So, can we tear it down now???


In our Scout troop during the 60s toilet paper was called mountain money. The scout that failed to bring enough TP on a week long wilderness hike either used leaves or paid dearly to scouts who brought extra TP to bolster their college fund. Needless to say no scout failed to bring along an adequate supply of TP twice.

Who would have thought that more than a half century later I would see mountain money mainstreamed.


In such a system there is an incentive for those seeking to profit to have these pandemics just as there is an incentive for the arms makers to ensure more war .

The system called capitalism rewards bad behaviour. This is not natural in any way shape or form even as the far right suggest the “free market” a natural thing. This is all a creation and it was created so as to reward some small few at the expense of the many. It has to be dismantled.

The masses have been suckered into believing there really no other alternatives and will dutifully vote for a Political party that wants to see it perpetuated.

Stop voting for Capitalist parties. STOP. There are not any “nice versions” of it and this includes the “Liberal Party” version here in Canada or the “Democratic party” version in the USA.


Yes indeed.

When the too-big-to-fail (tbtf) banks that caused the 2008 crash found multi-trillion dollar taxpayer funded bailouts to be one of the most lucrative profit centers ever.

In 2008 many Fortune 500 companies had relatively low debt ratios amounting to $2 or $3 per $1 of earnings, helping them to weather the crash.

After seeing the tbtf banks not only get bailed out, but also write much of Dodd/Frank that enabled them to increase their market share from 25% to 50% within 8 years, many Fortune 500s borrowed big during the past decade, using the borrowed money to buy back shares pay dividends and bonuses, putting themselves in position to get big COVID-19 taxpayer bailouts. The only two Fortune 500s still having low debt ratios are Microsoft and Joihnson & Johnson.
In 2019 Boeing was one of the worst with $37 in debt for every $1 of earnings.


Disaster [of] capitalism


American are partly to blame here also. Many are home with free time and could be purchasing from other companies. I do not use Amazon and have found all the purchases I needed to make on line but one. It is time for the people to do some reforming on their watch.


Hi earth_saver:
I won’t use Amazon and I will never go into a Walmart either.


These are “good” personal stances.

This is kind of like how the Democratic Party seeks to “treat” national problems: by seeking to make public statements of their views and opinions.

However, holding and waving a flag is not the same as actively seeking measures and actions that attack the roots of the problems to find real, functional SOLUTIONS to serve the long-term needs of our Citizens.

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Hi advoctae22:
LOL. I have never owned a flag and never will, nor will I wave one! : )
What I can do as ONE person is not to ever pay any money to corporations who treat their employees as disposable.
I can refuse to vote for any political party that cannot offer a reasonable choice for a mentally functioning candidate.
I can continually inundate my elected officials with questions as to WHY they are not doing more to represent WE the People—all of us no matter the race or the citizen status. : )
That’s what any person can do without having a lot of money! : )