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COVID-19, the Climate Crisis, and Our Urgent Duty to Rebuild This Country

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/17/covid-19-climate-crisis-and-our-urgent-duty-rebuild-country

From end of article:

we have to address climate change, the economy, justice reforms, and rebuilding our government together, and we have to do it now.

If I could, I would ask Tim Whitehouse----do you really believe we can do what you suggest in a capitalist system with 2 presidential candidates (and most politicians) that unabashedly promote capitalism and endless growth on a finite planet?

And to say we need to “rebuild our government” implies the foundation is ok. It’s not. The foundation is rotten to the core.

Exhibit A:

CNBC is reporting that Joe Biden has seen a sharp rise in donations from wealthy donors like millionaires and billionaires in the second quarter of 2020. This is because Bernie Sanders is no longer a threat to win the presidency and implement real change. Many of Joe Biden’s bundlers told CNBC that the renewed effort by these business leaders is linked to the fact that Sen. Bernie Sanders and more liberal candidates are no longer a threat to becoming president. These donors don’t want Trump to win, but would let him if it meant stopping Bernie and his plan to tax the rich to pay for Medicare for All and a Green New Deal: "The big-money donors are capitalists. For a minute Bernie was close to locking it up but then came South Carolina. They were petrified of Trump and horrified by Bernie. Now they actually have a choice, before they didn’t.” This shows that when it comes to the rich, their number one goal was stopping Bernie. Remember that Joe Biden said to rich donors: “Nothing would fundamentally change” if he’s elected

Excerpt above from Christo Aivalis:


We The People must be very clear about the fact that we will be the ones who rebuild… from the ground up. Developing ‘a sense of where you are’ is an excellent strategizing concept - to steal John McPhee’s title about Bill Bradley’s college years.

Bradley himself authored We Can All Do Better

Even if we could rebuild our nation the other failed and failing states globally will source multiple threats (more infectious diseases, terrorism, environmental degradations, refugees, poverty, hunger, and extremist leaders…) even the best US policies and economy cannot protect us from. It’s not enough to rebuild the US. We must accept that we are deeply connected in an irreversibly inter-dependent world where independent nations, departments and thinking cannot prevent --or even solve any global problem. Our only rational priority should be achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals ASAP. These are the only comprehensive systems approach offered…and agreed upon by most nations…to take us into the future. Our freedoms, security and prosperity are dependent upon this holistic approach.

Two thoughts
one, cities have no automobiles, no semi trucks.
Mail by electric postal vehicles.
Refrigerated trucks delivering food to markets are compressed natral gas.
Buses are both electric with overhead wires and CNG.
Select Chicago as first to go this route.
Existing commuter routes such as I55 do become additional commuter train routes.

It will take thirty years of hard work accomplished by our young peoples to pay off our 8 to 10 trillion in middle east war debt and another 10 for conona virus 19. If interest rates increase back to normal, the personal tax rates on individuals will increase 10 to 15%. If we become smart overnight (unlikely), we will modify standard accounting rules about depreciation, capital and expense, and profits. We can easily move that bonus is regular income and not capital gains, for example.

My radical proposals are going to sound rather conservative in retrospect.

The Pentagon doesn’t wait for private industry to reinvent and disrupt battlefield technology. The Pentagon takes the socialist route. They build labs.

There’s no such thing as “herd immunity” for covid-19. That’s a fairy tale. Look the research up using a search engine already. We can’t kill off half our seniors. For covid-19 we need practical labs and planning, everything from better negative air pressure and better aerosolized virus filters in school HVAC units to having enough testing supplies for once.

There’s no such thing as climate change just going away, either. If you’re a 20-something or a kid you are probably looking at hunger in 40 or 50 years. We, the older generation, owe you a better inheritance and most of us aren’t sociopaths about it.

For climate we need practical labs and planning, everything from thermal mass to hold solar heat effectively at night to seasonal heat storage in the ground for electricity generation to above-grade automated transit that looks sort of like a ski lift because it’s so inexpensive per mile of track. We need to face the Arctic meltdown squarely. We need agriculture-based sequestration of carbon over many millions of acres on this planet.

So, we need people brave enough to stand up for their grandchildren’s hunger. Moreover, we need techies! Think techies and planning. Most important, think about productive invention, both breakthroughs and incremental engineering of better products, no jokes, no load of crap for once. We live in a drill baby drill world and calling out most politicians until they straighten up and fly right is vital.