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Covid ICU Doctor and Medicare for All Champion Robbie Goldstein Seeks to Upset Entrenched Democratic Incumbent in Key Primary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/26/covid-icu-doctor-and-medicare-all-champion-robbie-goldstein-seeks-upset-entrenched


I voted for this guy. Lynch isn’t even a mere Neo-liberal but a right wing Neo-con in sheep’s clothing.


Bravo for Dr Robbie in his effort to remove another right-wing DP stooge!

We need many others who have also had a belly-full of sold-out DP frauds and shills!


Awesome news. Since Bernie chickened out, to change this country, we need to remove all the corporate Democrats and get real progressives in Congress. We NEED Medicare for All especially now. Biden has promised to veto Medicare for All but offers EMPATHY instead…I’m voting third party.

Best political commentator is Jimmy Dore who says if Bernie declared Biden unfit because of dementia, he could take his spot. Bernie is such a disappointment. It’s quite hilarious how Biden with his weak voice recently stated don’t count him out from being a two term Prez.


We’re not looking for a Messiah, Missy. People like you inevitably crucify them.

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I’m guessing, lots of us hoped a number of disgusted Drs, nurse, first responder, teacher, transit operator bargaining agents and “essential” 1099/ Gig workers would fight CAP Koch’s DSCC/ DCCC installing more dead-eyed klepocrats.

Betya Shumer will dispatch Nancy & Warren to stomp this ACTUAL, winnable, Democrat down in 5… 4… 3…





Meanwhile, people like you hold your nose and hit the repeat button.
How’s that been working?

And “Missy?”

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Folks that say they aren’t going to vote any candidate, say to me that they don’t care if trump gets another four more years, or worse.


Apparently we didn’t hit the button hard enough last time. Or not enough of us voted. So we got what we got. Everybody happy?

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I stopped hitting the repeat button in 1980, fool. Then again, I’m one of the lucky few who’s able to vote my conscience (meaning the Green Party) as I live in the deepest of deep red states. If I thought for a minute Biden had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning here, I’d happily hold my nose and vote for the doddering old fart just to rid this country of Trump.

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How did we get Trump again?
After the brilliance of the Obama/Biden Administration you’d happily vote back in?
Now I remember, Trump laid it out – if Obama/Biden had done a better job, he wouldn’t be president.

Anyhoo, I’m glad to see you admit you are indeed a noseholder. Not that it wasn’t obvious.

glad to hear another fresh voice speaking up to unseat an abominable damn dem in a seat way too long! GO ROBBIE!

Biden knows that many progressives would vote for him if he supported M4A, YET HE REFUSES TO SUPPORT IT IN A FRIGGING PANDEMIC! It’s like Jimmy Dore is saying, politics is supposed to work such that if someone wants your vote, they need to offer you some policies to get your vote. You withhold your vote until they do, otherwise, they have no incentive to offer you anything. Some people on here refuse to get that through their heads or are ok with Biden spitting in their faces as long as he isn’t Trump. I have news for them. Unless Biden makes some dramatic moves to enlist progressives very soon, he is going down in flames, and quite likely so will DP hopes to take the senate. But don’t worry, they won’t accept any responsibility. They will just blame progressives, Russia, China, Bernie.


Now let’s see. The good people of Massachusetts could re-elect a corporate dem who even voted against the ACA or they could vote for an infectious disease doctor during a pandemic and who supports M4A. Talk about a no brainer. The outcome will speak volumes about them.


Three people have been murdered at BLM protests since you posted that comment.
In light of that, do you still believe reelecting Trump is the best option?

And on average, the police killed 1300 people per year during the Obama Administration.

And nice try on the straw man, except I’ve never said that I

But I’ll be honest, and say I’m absolutely open to believing that the notion has merit in terms of setting the stage for both a third party and winning lots of seats in the 2022 midterms. And a Trump victory might, although I doubt it, finally convince the d-party establishment that having a base is better than trying to please everyone (and no one).

That bone-headed strategy didn’t work in 2016, did it?

I wasn’t even aware of this contest so I’m glad to see the article posted. It’s too late to donate for the primary, but my fingers are crossed. I’ll certainly be donating for the general if he wins.

Tomorrow’s primary in Massachusetts is also important for the race to replace Kennedy in the seat he gave up to run for the Senate (District 4). Ihssane Leckey is the most progressive candidate in that race and has a good shot in a field of five who have all raised over a million dollars (two who support Medicare for all and three that don’t).


Neither did Chuck Schumer’s 2016 strategy:

“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”

Of course, a fledgling movement for a progressive third party is now underway. So perhaps 2016 has turned out to be the catalyst we needed with 2020 adding momentum. Who knows?

Meanwhile, your party – with your tacit seal of approval, the old “hold your nose and vote” plan – is in the midst of repeating the Schumer mistake. But wave your pom poms, Ernestine – woo hoo.