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Coward-in-Chief: Trump Watches Gun March From Mar-A-Lago, 60 Minutes From White House


Coward-in-Chief: Trump Watches Gun March From Mar-A-Lago, 60 Minutes From White House

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"It's an act of cowardice," San Antonio Spurs head coach Greg Popovich said of President Donald Trump's decision to flee Washington, D.C. for his Mar-a-Lago mansion just ahead of massive marches in the capital and across the country on Saturday, which saw hundreds of thousands take to the streets demanding legislative action against gun violence.


So ready for this made-for-TV presidency to be over. So NOT ready for “piously” pompous Pence’s version, however.


From the article:

“…president has reportedly been fuming in private about ‘what he perceives as wall-to-wall Stormy coverage on cable news.’”

And, it appears, on Commondreams as well. The headline seemed to indicate an article was to follow about Twitler’s response to this latter-day Children’s Crusade, but I was misinformed.


I wonder if Melania watched 60 Minutes with Trump or was she required to watch Shark Week reruns.


President Bone Spurs is a Coward.

Too afraid to live a life of Truth.


Hollowman played golf while the streets of D.C. were filled to the brim with life. I see an empty shell where a human should be.


The Yellow streak starts on top and runs down his back.


I don’t know if he is a coward or not but he has no heart, he has no soul. He literally sold them to the Devil for gold.


Richard Nixon in May 1970 showed guts far beyond anything the current occupant/usurper in the White House would be capable of by going down late at night to meet and talk with the protesters



Why does Mr. evangelical, pompous, goody two shoes Pence, never say a word about Trump being a mendacious, liar; a woman abuser; guilty of cheating on his wife; and in bed with a pornography star? Not a peep! Just asking: can the president fire the vice president?


Make that spurious, bone spurs.


According to NPR this morning, a poll out shows it doesn’t bother most “evangelicals”.


Moved to federal court–and perhaps to a Trump-appointed judge?


Awwwwww, why so glum Donnie? You look so sad going off to get away from all the truth of what you are. You’re not used to taking responsibility for anything are you, you spoiled rotten man-baby? Gawd, how I am so profoundly sick of this piece of shit and his whole family of incompetent grifters and liars. And what are we to make of the tens of millions of Americans who STILL support this putrid pile of corruption? I’ve been reading about the seven stages of empire that have manifested themselves over and over down through history. A good case could be made that Trump and his regime are the epitome of the last stage of our “empire” - “Decline and Collapse”. He wrecks everything his little fingers touch. This time he shouldn’t be allowed to walk away from his fuckup and have others try and clean up his mess. My fantasy is to see the Orange Anus in prison orange. I know, I know, that’s why I called it a fantasy. In this country there are levels of power where there us no accountability at all. Just look at the war criminals Bush and Cheney.


Good use of the English language.


How about changing that to “evilgelicals”. There, that fits. Pious, hypocritical scumbags. I just wonder how these people would react if this had been about Obama? They’d be screaming for his impeachment.


You honestly expect Pence to display moral integrity and a spine?

He doesn’t have the guts or the values to buck Trump or his party.


Second amendment written when arms were single shot muzzle loaders, never intended or imagined for repeating rifles. Hammer this point.


My post was meant as satire. And my point was facetious,that if Trump is impeached, Pence is probably licking his chops. Thanks for your reply.


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