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Coward-in-Chief: Trump Watches Gun March From Mar-A-Lago, 60 Minutes From White House


The article said she did not return to the Orange Enclosure with him yesterday … she’s probably afraid of catching his neurosyphilis :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::scream:


He wouldn’t know how to speak the truth if it grabbed him by his p*ssy! :lying_face:


He has religion, not integrity …


I guess this is a defining moment of the 21st century. The president and the porn star and according to Anderson Cooper there is more to come.

Someone asked Stormy if her breasts were real and her response was, “well, you are not imagining them”

Are we getting any closer to an equal rights amendment?


Yeah, they must not teach sex education at Wharton College.


Wow you cry babies gotta bi%^$ about everything. Find something productive to do like maybe join the republicans



No, the president cannot fire his vice-president. I believe only Congress can.


Or the Gorilla Channel?


Troll alert**********Dazyblue**************30 minutes ago signed on to Common Dreams to tell us to join the Republicans.

And be “Productive.”


Still nothing that is surprising me at all about this guy.


Evangelicals were not bothered by the Access Hollywood tape on which Trump admitted to grabbing women by the genitals as if it was his right.

This only underscores the zeal of these hypo-Christians to oppose the “PC liberals” at any cost. It doesn’t matter how despicable their candidate is as long as he rattles off all the reasons why the “lunatic left” has destroyed “their” America.

Chris Hedges nailed it with the title of his cogent book on the American religious right: American Fascists.


Thanks for your reply. That is what I thought.


Back in 2016 I heard a couple interviews with evangelical leaders saying they were concerned that someone like Trump could be so popular with their base.

But then again, the phrases “so popular” and “their base” are predicated on the hypocrisy of the group in general. What do you expect from a group of so-called Christians who think guns (and shooting people) are awesome?


With all of his faults, Nixon was much more of a man!


They are not Christian. They are a cult. A big one.


Such is the nature of malignant ego madness-driven people and bully’s, especially the current extreme example of such utter lack of moral compass now astonishingly and criminally inhabiting the White House - a sick joke and threat to all others of vast proportions

People of trumps low to zero moral-compass can dish it out but cannot take it, thin skin in the extreme - a reality born of their general contempt for the lives and well-being of all others, except how they can be used and/or exploited for personal gain and narcissistic satisfaction, an utter lack of common decency and empathy from the orange coward…


Absolutely! It sits on my bookshelf as one of my “keepers”. I read it cover-to-cover twice.


At least Nixon was human.


Indeed - funny in a way the story in the content lends itself to click bait but the headline goes in the opposit direction. I think things balance out here for CD.
My respects for the victims of gun violence and a big hearty hug to everyone at the rallies- amazing.

Putting the sexy scandal aside re Trump vs Stormy, it is of great concern that folks, especially the rich and well resourced, and more especially public figures and more especially high ranking public servants and every politicians/candidates and elected official can settle matters of public interest privately with NonDisclosureAgreements.

I know in the Stormy Daniels/Trump case that the hush money may well have violated campaign donation laws, but the agreement, regardless of payment or amount violates basic 1st Amendment Rights of Free Speech and a Free Press.

These public people and their agreement parties have no right to negotiate in this realm in the first place - simple.


Because, Donald, the US public is far more interested in salacious sex stories than in your twits–er, tweets. (Oops, sorry–this reply was supposed to go to GuildF312S; apparently no way to delete or redirect.)