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'Coward' Texas Governor Signs Bill Banning Sanctuary Cities


'Coward' Texas Governor Signs Bill Banning Sanctuary Cities

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a controversial bill late Sunday night banning sanctuary cities in the state, going against the advice of police chiefs in major areas. He signed the bill into law on Facebook Live, in what many saw as an attempt to evade protests.


Coward? Maybe a bit too kind. Sociopath is closer to it. Even though he uses a wheelchair (those damned pre-existing conditions) he chose to deny over 1 million Texans (mostly poor--of course) healthcare via not expanding Medicaid (and we know why--black president).

I called and asked him "How would you feel if your family could not have healthcare?" I've yet to get a response.


Texas talks about its values but consistently elects really ignorant, mean spirited, racist creeps to their legislature. So the policies of Texas are consistently abysmal. hey guys--you know what to do and how to do it. Get'er done.


JB, Abbott crawled out from under a rock IN the swamp. He is as despicable a politician as any Texas has had, and there have been so many. Let us know if you get an answer.....lol


It's different than the AZ bill. There is no requirement for officers to ask for papers. It applies to people who have been arrested and processed at a police station. It does not apply to witnesses or people reporting crimes. The PO on the street has the final say and total discretion. There is no one who will be pulling over drivers and asking for papers. Read the bill and then decide. There is plenty wrong in TX but this is just common sense if you want to have a nation state.


Screw Abbott. When I was in the US Navy many moons ago we used to recount when someone was leaving our squadron how he/(there was no she then) was retiring to "Smallhole Texas". Thet's right down the road from Lubbock. That's right up the A-Hole of Smallhole. Yes sir, I mean no sir Lt. Smith. Then we sang rank rugby songs I taught them. Look at his f**king face. Right up the A-Hole of Smallhole.


NYC--Did you say New York City? Questioning Texans. Well, the nerve.

But seriously, I can say you are correct. I moved away in the 90's. Returned over 15 years. Not the same town I grew up in. Use to be friendly, now seems more tolerant and accepting of hate. Every damn bumper sticker is either about gun rights, abortion, or jailing Hillary, or praise DT, the hate monger.

Even walk into a paint store, and a "Jail Hillary" sign along with one for DT behind the counter. 30ft tall cowboy at the trailer park camp on the edge of town now reads "2nd amendment cowboy" on his chest. I am certain Obama, taking alll those guns and gun rights away, is what prompted that one. This BS was not around even in the 90's.

Rush and Beck and Faux News --that's, in part, who to thank.


Are you familiar with Texas cops? Ever had them handcuff you and rough you up in the process for posing no threat at all? Sure, plenty of good ones. Trouble is, even the good ones think they have a god given right to tell anybody what to do, and threaten anyone with jail if they do not comply immediately. And they sure don't like my sarcastic responses, because such requires an alteration in their thought patterns in order to understand.

They are better at talking people (bull shitting I mean--a Texas term for sure) out of their 4th amendment rights than any cops in the country. They are good at that.