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'Cowardice': Ajit Pai Slammed for Hiding From Net Neutrality Backers After Bailing on Tech Conference

'Cowardice': Ajit Pai Slammed for Hiding From Net Neutrality Backers After Bailing on Tech Conference

Jake Johnson, staff writer

One critic suggests that Pai cancelled because "he realized that the tech industry kinda despises him"

Kinda despises him! PLEEEASE! Pai is nothing but a quisling for the Fourth Reich to whom a free and open net is an anathema!


Many more than just the industry despises the EEJIT PIE - he is an unabashed A-hole and sophomoric tool!


CES isn’t all that Ajit is hiding from:

Yo! Donnie! Your FCC face, Ajit Pai, is failing to show up for an industry show that he should attend…just to show that he gives the slightest crap what your industry leaders think and have invented to improve people’s lives. Reportedly he is afraid that those people will ask him hard questions or talk to him or something. Shouldn’t you know if a person can talk in public before you make them the chair of the FCC…the first C stands for Communications, Donnie. Sheesh.

Here is another blatant example of Trump enabling all his rich crony friends to take a stab at their one-sided class war with another offensive to flank We-The-People with the Net Neutrality being overturned.

Question: who has not experienced a difference in their internet since the rule was changed? I sure have. Non-critical though it may be, Ultimate Guitar Tabs seems to have been slowed down. Does anybody else have any examples to watch for? If so please share them.

As class warfare goes, the crux of the 2 party system problem is getting rid of money in politics, and that is the only way to save the country short of another civil war. It is ridiculous, and you need to say this to yourself: Money now has to be paid to use our public airwaves so candidates can advertise their lies to us.

We need a simple change that anyone meeting the qualifications of the office they seek is allowed to run, for free, and get the same public airtime (this includes news whether fake or real) as the other candidates. Furthermore, discussion of another candidate is banned. You tell us what you’re going to do, period! Anything else is scrubbed, and you lose your minutes. Re-election time becomes an easy referendum on if they did what they said they’d do.

This salvo by Ajit Pai hurts people in the fight for fair representation, by giving the man - in - charge another tool to fight the people who are supposed to be the owners of the commons. The internet is part of the commons, like Bear’s Ears, the Grand Canyon, the Appalachian trail and clean air and water!