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Cowardice and Exoneration in Kunduz


Cowardice and Exoneration in Kunduz

Robert C. Koehler

“The people are being reduced to blood and dust. They are in pieces.”

The doctor who uttered these words still thought the hospital itself was a safe zone. He was with Doctors Without Borders, working in Kunduz, Afghanistan, where the Taliban and government forces were engaged in hellish fighting and civilians, as always, were caught in the middle. The wounded, including children, had been flowing in all week, and the staff were unrelieved in their duties, working an unending shift.


Koehler is right: Global demilitarization is the only answer to this ongoing horror.

Any lesser commitment is a cruel and murderous joke, as each and every one of us enters into the screaming horror...


We must not forget Kunduz. Who is to be defended if not the wounded, the innocent, doctors, volunteers dedicated to helping others in the most basic and essential of ways? What is a crime if not a sustained bombardment against a hospital screaming for the killing to stop? If this were done by the Taliban, would some payouts also be considered justice? If this were done in Manhattan, would it still be no war crime? If human rights are not equal, are they rights at all?


Great piece, Mr. Koehler.

It takes me back to Chelsea Manning. Amazing isn't it, that the one who spoke out about casual war crimes is the one who sits in Solitary and is punished.

Had Chelsea Manning's expose been taken seriously--which is to say, were there a force with legal muscle in place to match that of the military's armed claim to "might makes right," then these disgusting hospital attacks COULD not happen.

Whistle blowers who speak to the conscience of humanity are treated as hostiles, while those who do enormous, unspeakable harm continue on granted immunity for their crimes.

And Mr. Koehler is totally correct. The Nazis learned this "magic" long ago: that if you can turn language into a form of psychological warfare by dehumanizing your targets ("enemy"), then you can disable the conscience of otherwise thinking persons and encourage them to do great evil.


It's not just the mystics who recognize the ONENESS principle of life as living energetic web. Brilliant thinkers like Rupert Sheldrake speak of this sentient field, a living matrix.

I'm stating that because in the same way that drone pilots situated thousands of miles away from their targets experience post traumatic stress disorders, I think that the horrors ARE reverberating through the atmosphere.

I was down in South Florida 2 weeks ago visiting with a number of friends and 3 of them mentioned having trouble sleeping. I am not sleeping that well these days, either. I think we're picking up on the screams of the dying in subliminal ways.

These wars, begun on the basis of wholly fabricated--CASE FIXED FOR WAR--evidence have spread. And since the U.S. military machine, bonded to the weapons' makers and contractors--sells their horrors to unstable regions, it's a virtual guarantee that conflicts will spread.

And so the spark lit in Iraq (and Afghanistan) has now created a swath of conflagration that spans thousands of miles and has left well over a million dead, 4 million in refugee status (and counting), and ruined vital infrastructure while in many cases, leaving the detritus of radioactive (DU) weapons behind.

As was learned by the nation's warriors from the Vietnam War Era, no footage of actual carnage can be shown on T.V. and the narrative (of what does go on) must be closely guarded. Hence the sanitizing language that turns the dead into numbers, not persons, and pretends that all of the killing serves some noble ideal.

Since one would expect religious leaders to mount the greatest calls to oppose these ongoing horrors, in my view, it's largely their silence that is most criminal. As a matter of fact, Evangelicals are convinced that a Holy War is part of some End Times Plan; and since the military is SATURATED with persons who believe this, the result is that mass murder has been granted a false form of impunity.

Truly, this is an inversion of the teachings of Christ (and other Masters).

nothing less than an American commitment to global demilitarization--Robert Koehler

i feel a wee twinge of hope reading the excellent comments on this thread. yet, if we expect the empire in a sudden burst of Love and humanitarian conscience to turn the other cheek, do good to those the empire calls "enemy," and declare Peace on earth; we would set ourselves up for yet another crashing disappointment--and we know this, don't we? this morning i found a little note on a scratch pad near my computer. not sure when or where i heard the phrase but my note reads, [edward said, "only the cold, narcissistic indifference of amoral power"]--seven little words that speak volumes! i put the phrase on my search line, but came up empty--"no results." souixrose aptly points to the nazi example in dehumanizing the enemy which turns the killing of others into an honorable, even altruistic act of national defense. the above phrase tells us that those few who own the empire must first dehumanize themselves! i do suspect that the military mindset believed that harbored within the msf hospital were "enemy" combatants being treated along with the "collateral damage" meaning the friend of our enemy is not my friend. in other words the repeated strikes are an unconscionable act of war, a murderous crime; not an innocent mistake. we can amass before wall street, before congress in washington d.c. or in front of the pentagon, "speaking truth to power" and for our efforts receive the astonished glare of amoral power.

in a truthdig discussion inspired by one of george carlin's poinient monologues one poster suggested checking netflix for noam chomsky's documentary, "Requiem for the American Dream." we watched last night and point by point noam explains how the empire controls not only the economy, the military, the media but also the very minds and emotions of his loyal subjects. i'll have to watch it again soon with pen notepad in hand to make note of his nine or ten points. we cannot change "them," but in understanding how these amoral ones work their magic, only then can we begin to counter their efforts. i suggest this documentary as a great gift for kids of all ages for the more of us who see the trap the better we will be able live free.

I don't believe in heroes; I believe in community!--Father Dan Berringan*

*now that's a hero in my book!


" Since one would expect religious leaders to mount the greatest calls to oppose these ongoing horrors it is largely their silence that is most criminal."

Very, very true. Because unlike brave priests like Daniel Berringan and other religious leaders that consider speaking out against the horrors of America their sacerdotal duties, so many are nothing but religious cowards whom by their egregious silence, exonerate and condone heinous acts and war crimes of the Fourth Reich, because it does not matter to them; they have no conscience; they are like Judas, they have sold out their religion, not for 30 pieces of silver, but through wrong interpretations and theology that rationalizes their culpability of being silent. They are the epitome of hypocrisy!

These are much like the priests in Nazi Germany, who condoned by their silence, the Jewish extermination and exonerated the horrible war crimes of the Third Reich.


Did you mean poignant?

Thank you for the mention. I spell my pen name--Sioux Rose. (Many misspell it.)


I completely agree with your comment.

The Vatican turned a blind eye on the Nazi crimes and some in the upper echelons of the Catholic hierarchy funded the Nazis that exited covertly to the U.S. under Project Paperclip.

I think of the Priests who stood with the poor and organized Labor in Central America who were gunned down by U.S. "School of the America's" trained assassins.

This Pope is more spiritually attuned than any who's lived within my lifetime. While he could do more for women's global status (and rights), he gets it right on just about everything else and for that, I am deeply grateful.

The human conscience is the bulwark against war. That's why when religious houses of worship PUSH war, they take down that important social defense against the irrational, immoral, and inhuman.

I've posted this link before, but will do so again. Truthout did a story on the matter of the military actually recruiting Pastors whose job it would be to convince young drone pilots that dropping ordnance on innocent people (my words) somehow comported with Jesus' teachings. I truly cannot think of a greater form of blasphemy than using religious "leaders" to push WAR CRIMES.

Here is the link:

Well... I have supplied the link before, but either You Tube or some MIC force managed to get that video taken OFF of You Tube. (I looked through 7 pages and can't find it.)

wow! It had a great segment on Internet Trolls, another segment on the use of Christian Chaplains inside the military (and that they would shame soldiers for not being Christian enough... and that's a direct quote) and a salute to a recently deceased comedian.

(Slightly off topic, I am VERY interested in Earth Changes and one of the sources I like to watch is Dutchsinse. He has a theory about Earthquakes which goes against conventional Geological studies but he makes predictions that often come to pass. In any event, his site was recently shut down and his subscriber list obliterated. There certainly IS censorship going on on the Internet. One of the most impressive TED TALKS is one that questions Science's orthodoxy and dogmatism--it's by Rupert Sheldrake, a genius. Also, the major muscle that's come down to block the film VAXXED is off the charts. Those who challenge the official medical model which has been as captured by Big Pharma as MSM has been captured by corporate interests are shut out or shut down. Not all the Truth that's needed is getting "out there.")


poignant! yes, thanks. :slight_smile: i just copied your moniker from the screen and omitted the 11.


where's the link?


I tried the first 7 pages when I logged in Abby Martin and both topics that were on it--Internet Trolls and the Military's use of Christian Chaplains.

If you can find it, by all means... post the link. *I have posted it in this forum before.


Thank you for your reply. Excellent points! Oh, by the way, there is quite a bit of anecdotal evidence that HRC has spent around a $1,000,000.00 on internet trolls and whether true or not you are correct: " there is certainly censorship going on on the net". I have had at least two YouTube video's censored that I wanted to bring back with the caption: " this video no longer available". maybe not censored, but no other explanation given.


This just proves that a criminal cartel controls our government. When it happens once it is an accident.repeatedely it is terrorism. Whatever happened to the Nuremberg laws and the International Court?


In other news today... a nuclear suitcase bomb was exploded in a suburban VA shopping mall...killing over 1000 nearby shoppers and residents. More deaths are expected from the fallout of this tragedy over the coming months. A spokesman for the "American Patriots Against Muslims" group claimed responsibility for the explosion but said that it was not their intention to kill American citizens; they had been wrongly informed that this mall was a known safe harbor for many Muslim and Arab refugees. The group said they will be investigating themselves to assure the public that no wrong-doing was intended. "It was just a "very unfortunate mistake". The group, while not a wealthy one, is considering giving Free THREE-DAY Disney World passes to all those surviving as an honest show of condolence.


My comment about Big Pharma blocking the showing of Vaxxed at Robert De Niro's Tribeca Film Festival also managed to be censored.

The Owners really don't want Truth out on numerous subjects; and yeah... the Establishment entities are funding Internet Trolls. I think Trump's camp has plenty RIGHT here!


Paul Craig Roberts answers your question:

"Washington does not accept law, neither domestic or international as a constraint on its actions.

Washington is the "exceptional indispensable".

No one else counts. No law, no Constitution, and no humane consideration has authority to constrain Washington's will.

In its claims Washington surpasses that of the Third Reich."