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'Cowardly' and 'Shameful': Bowing to Right-Wing Smear Campaign, MSNBC Fires Sam Seder


Seder is correct –

and the esteem from a few in Hollywood for Polanski is
shocking and should be criticized.

Same for Woody Allen.

Why would anyone still be watching MSNBC? Or NBC?


Actually, I think they’re just trying to purge all liberals from the network.


Yes, they should rehire Phil Donahue.


This is a lovely observation which unfortunately reoccurring now and again , mostly liberals are affected by liberal agenda. Conservatives just survive and ignore it.

I am betting Alabama will elect a suspected pedophile.


MSNBC and all its so-called news shows are also guilty of allowing it to happen. Not a peep. Whee is the outrage. The last wall against a Foxified American news system so devoid of truth and fact that we have essentially lost any remnants of a democracy… Boneheaded. This isn’t the first move to idiocy chasing Fox ratings.


Apparently you never heard of Van Jones or Shirley Sherrod.

Apparently you don’t care about putting your bigotry on display either.


You’re oblivious to the fact that Sam has a ‘day job’…I’m sure he’s not that worried what MSM or MSNBC think about him. His brand of truth only got to be on MSNBC because he fooled them long enough to at least get ‘some’ of the truth out on MSM. All the truthful folks get fired.


That’s a load of snark piss.


Van Jones was not fired, he quit.


Under pressure and undoubtedly advisement from spineless Dems.


Phil Donahue was NBC’s top Show when they got rid of him!

Naturally they got rid of him because he expressed his views
against war and what the US was doing.

And anyone else who did the same was also let go – David Groden.

That history has a major effect on today’s commentators and hosts.

Don’t know who NBC is today … but it was long GE a very right wing corporation
and whomever it is now, they will represent Elites/wealthy and their violence
throughout the world. US/CIA are the major threat to world peace.
And have been since end of WWII. They are seeking a new Cold/Hot War obviously.