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'Cowardly': With Students Present, Florida GOP Votes Down Motion to Consider Assault Rifle Ban


'Cowardly': With Students Present, Florida GOP Votes Down Motion to Consider Assault Rifle Ban

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With survivors of last week's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting seated in the gallery, the GOP-controlled Florida House on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly against a motion to consider legislation that would "ban assault rifles and large capacity magazines"—a move critics quickly denounced as "cowardly" and further evidence that Republican lawmakers are beholden to


Wake up College Students! You were just in high school. You are old enough to vote. Register now, with thought for whether to do so with whichever residence makes sense–home or college. Then get out and vote, giving more power to those immediately following in your footsteps. It is called social responsibility. PLEASE start now!


Right On


It isn’t just in Florida, it is Nation wide, the GOP is a hate group.


How dare they vote down the students’ who had been massacred at Parkland? How dare these hateful legislators determine the future for the people? Who do they think they are? They are sick.


Amen. Perfect and accurate description. I really wish we could kick the whole “GOP” label though. Nothing grand about the Rethuglican cult.


“You were just in high school.”

Hm…and, in addition to commuter-college live-at-homes, many of the U.S.'s 16 mil college students must live at home summers - plus have younger, school-aged siblings…So yea, we can hope there’ll be a movement/awareness ripple effect, with progressive awareness and resistance on campuses strengthened by personal connections.

At the same time, I’m hopeful that h.s. resistance will ramify into the greater electorate - college or not - as 4 million h.s. kids graduating turn 18.


This is not surprising. Florida has steadily become more Regressive over the last 20 years of Republican political control, including gerrymandering.

To the students: Make them pay! Register and vote as soon as you are 18! Vote for
Democrats. No, they’re not perfect; but if they regain control of the Legislature, that will
send the Republicans the strongest message of rejection possible!

To the citizens of other states let me point out that tourism is Florida’s #1 Industry. Boycott!
Don’t spend you money here! That’s the other language that they understand.


Regressive republicanism won’t stop until they are shunned from pollite discourse, nay society as a whole. On another story, an apologist for gun ownership rights wrote an argument telling how TVs, influenza and cars are more dangerous but we dont go trying to ban them. See his person, FightThePower’s comment here:
At White House Lie-In, Teens Call on Congress to ‘Protect Kids, Not Guns’. Second to the last comment.

Data is necessary to confront such a belligerent attitude, so here you go:

So I read your reply and at first blush was impressed by the newness of many of your arguments, and it got me thinking, so thank you. I was even agreeing with your position earlier in the day. But then I did think:

Your contention is that up to 4000 Americans can die each week during a heavy influenza outbreak. You seem to say that nobody is handing out masks and hand sanitizer for free, yet this is not true. Many workplaces, doctors offices, heck even my supermarket provides wipes so I can remove some of the germs left by sick people who still go to public places from their carts. I will wash all my produce right when I get home for that very same reason. It goes farther though. The flu vaccine can be had for free to everyone, not even a co-pay can legally be charged, and this costs $10-$16 a dose. See:
https://www.google.com/search?ei=3vyMWra3NsfujwPgj4z4CQ&q=Cost+of+Influenza+Vaccine+per+year&oq=Cost+of+Influenza+Vaccine+per+year&gs_l=psy-ab.3...40776.58339.0.58559.…0…1c.1.64.psy-ab…31.1.823…0j0i7i30k1j0i8i7i30k1j0i30k1.0.VZQV09ZMoFY and:
https://www.cdcfoundation.org/businesspulse/flu-prevention-infographic and:

At 100 million doses per year (minimum, now closer to 140 million/year) and $10 minimum per dose https://www.cdc.gov/flu/professionals/vaccination/vaccinesupply.htm
This is $1 billion dollars a year spent to prevent the $84 billion annual losses and deaths largely caused by folks who neglect their responsibilities to the rest of us and don’t get their flu shots. Sure that’s never 100% but don’t dare say we don’t spend huge sums to prevent flu deaths. This huge figure we spend for it annually compares very favorably against the preventive cost of hopes and prayers!

As for children climbing furniture and pulling TV’s onto themselves, I believe homeowners insurance, and health insurers will cover the hospitalization cost of much of those incidents, and if not, nobody will get turned away from a hospital emergency room for an inability to pay, and those hospitalizations are not cheap either. Probably on par with the severity of a high caliber bullet wounds in treatment costs. However your argument seems to be that TV’s, which are made and sold to entertain, not to kill, should be banned for the incidental damage that happens occasionally and sadly with greater prevalence then your stringent example of only ‘scary guns’. Surely removing some guns from circulation will reduce the 1300 annual deaths from all guns (including handguns) and the 5790 injuries. At the very least, data is collected from every major product manufacturer from blenders to automobiles, except firearms, for unintended deaths and other liability costs. Furthermore, the consumer product safety commission deals with dangerous consumer products and recalls many multiple times per year. Where is the gun product safety data? Why is it hidden by law? They, the CPSC can do nothing about guns. Now specifically regarding semi-automatic firearms, which nobody needs for hunting, as Australia and Canada’s legal systems have proven, they aren’t justified for personal protection when nobody can own them legally. The idea that kids die on roads is indeed tragic, yet every responsible vehicle driver is supposed to maintain insurance for potential property damage and personal injury and those products are not even primarily intended to kill things. But guns are.

We need common sense gun regulations in this country, and I’m saying that as a gun owner. Granted, I’ve recently ridden myself of all semi-auto rifles, as I see no need for them except on the battlefield. Not by private citizens and not by cops either! If we would continue to privately own firearms, after banning certain types as ludicrous (no private owner needs a 50 cal rifle period) weapons, we should be required to purchase insurance against their being used in a crime. That would compel everyone in possession to provide proof of ownership, and would require at least some screening of current owners for disqualifying life events.

I say the price for your liberty to own any semi-automatic rifles or handguns should be the potential cost of personal injury and property damage at the very least. Hell how many street signs have you seen with bullet holes in them? Those didn’t just get there by magic, no sir, your ‘responsible’ gun owners put those holes in those signs! How responsible can gun owners be when we aren’t required to show proof of financial responsibility for owning something whose core purpose is to kill and/or cause property damage?

Sorry man, but upon deep reflection I think your justification doesn’t hold any water.


Once again politics equals money not conscience.


There is no shame in GOP politics.

Only Money and Hatred.


Good point but we need action NOW in every day. Why would anyone need to own an assault rifle- to KILL that’s why. Assault weapons are illegal in our state. To vote like that with these kids there once again shows they are sociopaths.


Very good post! I think your annual deaths figure above sounds low, however.


I meant every state- eyes are not what they once were.


I thought it was 130000 deaths.


It’s all good.


Remember there are dems who support the NRA also. I think Manchin got an A rating whatever that means.


Sorry kids, this is the reality we live in.

If you want to take some advice from a bitter, cynical old man, start a new political party and “do not” associate with the parties of the Duopoly.

This week you saw what the GOP can do.

Last week enough Democrats joined with the Republicans to give the Military more money than they need.

Just do it and remain proud that “you” are the grownups in the room.


Are legislators cowards or lackeys. That is the question.

Have they sold their souls hoping to get a big yacht and a secret bank account in the Cayman islands?

I say they are heartless servants of satan who have brought the blood and guts of war home for more ghoulish profits.


Take names and vote these individuals out of office. An assault weapons ban is not the sole fix, but a an obvious and great start. These people that cannot see this are the same ones who deny climate change. They are killing us. They cannot represent us.