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CPAC and the DNC: A Party Is Not a Movement


CPAC and the DNC: A Party Is Not a Movement

Richard Eskow

The meetings of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) were a study in contrasts. Both told stories to unite their faithful. At CPAC, activists fell in line, while at the DNC, the fight for leadership revealed battling narratives and deep divisions within the party.

DNC: What Happened?


A political party with contradicting narratives is doomed to failure.


Perez was selected in a face-saving maneuver for Obama. Had a real progressive (Ellison) won Obama's failures would have been highlighted and mainstreamed simply due to the glaring difference, Perez is the same old same ole.

The democratic party is a failure and chooses to remain that way.


A party is not a movement, to be sure, but at this point the Democratic party is struggling to even be a party. Rebuilding it, if such a thing is even remotely feasible, is going to be a long-term proposition. Perez represents yet another missed opportunity to begin the process. Not good news, since so many issues are now in a time-critical phase. A resistance movement to Trump and fascism can no longer wait on the slim chance that the Democrats will catch up.


At the CPAC meeting we saw a direct attack on democracy in the form of stating that the media is the enemy of the people. The aim was clear, end democracy and replace it with an authoritarian regime. The DNC meeting illustrated the struggles that go on within a democracy. Wings of parties are always in conflict and these conflicts are difficult or even impossible to resolve. But the DNC is firmly for democracy. Neither Perez nor Ellison attacked the press as being the enemy. It was clear the enemy is Trump and his attack on democracy. The Democrats will continue to squabble but need to unite as much as possible in this time or crisis to resist the fascist Trump agenda.


Politically, one cannot serve two masters. You must choose one. The People or Money.

Those who choose Money can never serve the People, as their Souls and Goals revolve around their first choice, Money.

To deny that Money affects their ability to be a Champion for the People, is only that. A Denial.


The author insists we can save the Democratic Party.

I insist your efforts would better spent replacing it.


No, the Democratic Party is not trying to woo its left flank back. Now that they're so thoroughly out of power, they're refraining from giving the finger to unions, environmentalists, socialists, etc.--but they aren't even pretending to be interested in coming together with the Sanders people. I think they actually don't much care that their choices have cost them the White House, both Houses of Congress, most governorships, and most statehouses. What matters is continuing to suck money from their sugar daddies. They think they can count on the awfulness of the Trump regime to give them at least some returns in 2018 or 2020...and indeed there will be plenty of awful, very little of which will effect the extremely comfortable people running the DNC. But it's entirely possible that the total control the Republican Tea Party now has, coupled with the extremist agenda of the power players at the helm like Adolf Bannon, will make it impossible for any other party to win in 2018, or even do so much damage through reckless foreign policv that there won't be another election. Timne for anyone serious about trying to mitigate the collapse to abandon the Democrats for good, and focus most of our energy on local work. The election game is rigged.


Trump even tweeted that that was good news for the republican party.


Yes, local work and helping people and the environment. Do not fall for the fundraising machine that is the DNC> That is all that this is.


How about forgetting about identity politics and participating through real issues and on the ground work- not just talk with elites?


They are just fundraisers not anything else.


There is only one way that the Democratic party will change and that is if a million Democrats change their registration to the Green Party and the DNC and DLC realize that things have changed. You can still vote for a progressive Dem if one happens to exist and run, but merely changing your registration will make a difference, especially if a lot of us do this soon.


The ship has sailed. First, the democrats are found to have "fixed" the primaries, all the while badmouthing liberals in all internal memoranda for not being "loyal" enough. They they ostrisize their populist uprising, all the while the GOP is embracing theirs. Then they lose an election that should have been a landslide. And, after spending the subsequent months licking their wounds and feeling sorry for themselves, the democrats appoint the corporate shill Schumer to lead the senate, the loser Pelosi to head the house dimmos, and now the Clintonian scum Perez to head the party.
What have the democrats learned again? The ship has indeed sailed, into a goddamn iceberg.


The Movement rising up in the US is not supporting either party. They are progressives who want real change. What the DNC with the old party hacks is to remain a party owned by the corporations. Keith Ellison like Bernie would have brought all those millenials back into the party...not doing that proves the party is doomed for its own disaster. With Obama and Clinton pushing for Perez (who did nothing for working men and wonen) while Labor Secretary...in opposition to the progressives Sanders, Warren, Ellison and others prove they never learn a lesson...The MOVEMENT is the only way forward devoid of either party.


Nothing ever changes when money is at stake. Perez means the same old same old. We're screwed. Again.


How could Trump be wrong!


Speaking of which, what happened to the millions raised by Stein?


So screwed.


Ellison sold us out now too! Who will be left? We are doomed!


I would like to say something here. It seems like the newest "in" words are "love" and forgiveness. Should we forgive people ( even strangers) for breaking the law ? Should we forgive everybody everything? The answer is no and that is healthy.Here's an example: For years Americans have held this in: Let's bail out Wall Street, and in the mean time, let's also pay support for alchoholics, drug addicts, and people who do not feel like working. Quite frankly, I would rather help out someone who was at least trying rather than a Wall Street sociopath- but for years we have made excuses for other people. Pop psych. tells us to love everyone because we are not perfect, but there is a big difference in making a minor mistake in life ( such as forgetting a tel number) and having a major slip of character ) . Obama in essence told the country to "move on" after the Wall Street crash and the tax payers bailouts. I believe that people in general are very angry and looking to release this in different ways. The dems refuse to see this, and insist on the same old formula thinking that people will just forget.