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CRA “Reform” Is an Attack on Communities of Color

CRA “Reform” Is an Attack on Communities of Color

Sharon Velasquez

By this point, it’s no secret that the Trump administration is in open warfare with communities of color, the working class, and regulations that safeguard our interests. Now, it seems, they’re coming after the Community Reinvestment Act – CRA for short.

This is why the article by Mark Trahant posted here on CD is so timely:
The Disruption of White Supremacy

This is the regressive fall-back position of a sector of ‘society’ rendered so dissociative by colonizer methodologies that the historical failures of colonialism fade into a sunset and THEY THEMSELVES HAVE BECOME the Madison Avenue fetishization mechanics (can you say ‘advertising’ and market research’?) rather than actual facts and history. You cannot make this s#!t up.

When new regulations are proposed is the time to flood the Treasury Dept. with specific, well-formed critiques of the proposals. Calling Treasury ahead of time has no force in law.

Who is asserting a call to lobby a position to the Treasury Department or a Congressional Representative has “force of law” prior to, or post regulation proposals?