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Crackdown in Maldives as Thousands Demand Freedom for Ousted President and All Political Prisoners



I couldn't help but see trouble for this much loved, brave, young, Democratic leader that produced A mock cabinet meeting in full scuba to alarm the World about the oceans assault on the Maldives due to global warming... I knew the powers that be would not let it rest- they probably even reiterated the false "dominoe theory" played out in South East Asia and then South and Central America- They just can't let the truth of what is in store for our Planet be so flagrantly exposed by some guy in the Maldives....I had A premonition that this heroic brave man would pay the price as all seem to with Empire breathing down their throats...
I wish only the best for you Mohamed Nasheed, you are one courageous and good Man- Let's all hope and pray that the people of the Maldives can Liberate this hero and reinstate him as their officially elected President-Anything less will be another scandalous episode in the long dark history of Empire-