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Crackdown on Manning Intensifies Days Before Confinement Hearing


Crackdown on Manning Intensifies Days Before Confinement Hearing

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Military prison authorities are allegedly denying whistleblower Chelsea Manning access to the facility's legal library, just two days before a disciplinary board hearing that will decide whether she is placed in solitary confinement for what her supporters and lawyers say are innocuous offenses—like possession of a tube of expired toothpaste.


Well of course they have to put her in solitary. She must be made an example that will dissuade all who are considering becoming whistle blowers.

It isn’t enough to punish her, she must be broken.


If you still think we live in a free country, open your eyes and see what they are doing to Manning and many others. If they can do it to anybody, they can do it to everybody.


Chelsea Manning is a citizen who stood up for U.S. democracy because she wanted a clear conscience at night. The people who want to torture her forever and ever, contrary to the rule of law, were elected in elections bought and corrupted by evil rich people.

Someday your conscience will ask you too, which side will you be on?


The face of fascism:



“Chelsea is not entitled to legal representation during the hearing, so will be representing herself,” Greer explained in an emailed statement. “Being denied access to the legal library will impede her ability to do

When defense is denied, considered an ‘entitlement’, is it not arguable that the very premise of ‘plaintiff’ is conceptually void?


Anyone who still thinks that Ed Snowden or Julian Assange can get a fair hearing in this country if they were to be brought back here needs to carefully consider what is happening to Manning. I don’t see how a fair person (and this means you Melissa Harris-Perry) can continue to call for either of them to “come here and face the music”. The only justice is for Manning to be given a Nixonian “full, free and absolute pardon”, and for any and all charges to be dropped against Snowden and Assange. Hillary supporters need to ask themselves what you think she would do towards those things? I also would like to know Bernie Sanders’ position on it as well? I tend to think Bernie would be more reasonable, but given the pressures of the campaign it’s hard to say.


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They can and will do it to anyone that like Chelsea Manning, is perceived as a political problem.


It’s the ‘they’ that have to be broken.


Sorry, so far you do not have a political system in which a Green Party member can’t attain any high position such as Congress person, Senator, etc. You have to change the way to the top before you can get there, we have a serious roadblock…


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Manning, Assange, Snowden are to be made examples of to instill fear in us all.You oppose this government you’ll be tortured, brought in front of a Kangaroo court, sent to some hell hole to rot!
The real war criminals sit in the halls of congress, the whitehouse & the judges bench that convicted Manning.
Fascism is alive & well in the USA!


It is maybe not coincidental that the following events have all happened over the past few weeks:

  1. The spite laden White House challenge to an impending order to free hunger-striking Guantanamo prisoner, held without charge, Tariq Ba Odah;

  2. The Kafkaesque brutal treatment of Chelsea Manning;

  3. US-UK’s challenges to Ecuador’s Embassy asylum for Julian Assange;

  4. And the House’s e-mail to all signers of the “pardon Edward Snowden” petition - telling them that they can go to hell.

What kind of thugs work in the White House and Foggy Bottom?


All presidential candidates should be made to say whether they agree or disagree with Obama’s decision to not use his power of presidential pardon to release Chelsea Manning.


I think you hit it spot on. After she is locked away, out of sight, the “suicde” will take place. No doubt from depression from being in solitary…at least that will be the official line.


Yeah, just like they did to Winston Smith in “1984”. It was not enough to just kill him - he had to be tortured until he came to love Big Brother - then they could kill him.


Indeed. Chelsea Manning is a prisoner of war in a confrontation rightly challenging all of what the status quo would insist upon their right to call normal. Systic ping.


Do it to her.