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Crash of Trumpcare Opens Door to Full Medicare for All


Crash of Trumpcare Opens Door to Full Medicare for All

Ralph Nader

You can thank House Speaker Ryan and President Trump for pushing their cruel health insurance boondoggle. This debacle has created a big opening to put Single Payer or full Medicare for all prominently front and center. Single Payer means everybody in, nobody out, with free choice of physician and hospital.


The "21 Ways the Canadian HealthCare System is Better than ObamaCare " link, would go a long way towards educating the American Public as to the Simplicity, Efficacy and Benefits of their method, and, at the same time, expose our Elected Representatives for the Corporate Shills that they are.

The information is right there.

NYT could now disseminate it to Millions today, but doesn't consider it "Fit to Print"?

Is that even still their Motto?

(Didn't really need to stick that last part, about the Times, in. They've been infiltrated, and subversive for years.)


I'm prodding her, yet my 'liberal' house rep, in a safe-as-hell blue district, still hasn't signed on as a co-sponsor of HR 676.

Surprise, surprise...Her number one campaign contributor in the 2016 cycle: an insurance company.


I think Nader is showing us what "could happen" but deep down inside he knows that Trump would never support a bill that benefitted the 99%. Steve Bannon for example said that their aim is to "deconstruct the State", which s the exact opposite of single-payer for everyone. If the Democrats really wanted to win the next Congressional election, they would embrace single-payer, but their allegiance to the healthcare robber barons is so deep, that many would argue that the Democrats have no credibility left.
If single payer were to sweep the consciousness of the public, three major things would have to happen.
The media would have to give as much free coverage to the topic as say... their coverage of Trump. Without the public being aware of the problem and the solution, nothing will change.
Second of all Trump will have to be removed from office whether by impeachment, serving out his term or other means. His inner circle has such contempt for the general public, that any move towards a public option, wold be met with cries of bankruptcy, collusion, socialism, and the end of democracy.
Finally politicians would have to reject the generous bribes by the healthcare industry and Big Pharma. This is unlikely as all Republicans and many Democrats rely on those bribes to buy their second Mercedes Benz, put their kids in elite schools and stash away huge sums before their fraudulent asses are removed from office.


Good insight, concerning the Media's control over what the Public gets to hear about.


Since I am writing press releases and letters to Vermont media regarding the Improved Medicare For All events at numerous libraries I will include a link to Nader's article. Hope the rest of you wherever you live do the same.


An idea: How about an open letter to the press exposing her links to the insurance companies and include the following link for the public to read themselves HR 676:

And include Ralph's piece:



Agreed Ralph, but many of us who support and are organizing for Improved Medicare For All/Single-Payer have to know and pressure even people like Bernie who have been vocal about Single-Payer because he has lately taken the 'incrementalist' approach.


The "medicare for all" idea is one that's too late--given that our species may go extinct as early as 2026.


I was about to go bitch out my congressman, Peter DeFazio of the so-called Congressional Progressive Caucus, about his failure to co-sponsor H.R. 676, when I found he finally did it today:

I'm still mad it took him this long, and not impressed with his attempt to portray himself as a longtime supporter of single-payer based on his past rhetoric supporting a public option in Obamacare. Guess he saw constituents getting out their pitchforks.


Wonderful! Now you can call him to praise him and you can save your pitchfork for another day. I keep mine handy.


That's how I see it, too. There is no way they will allow single-payer with the corruption we have running this place. We won't get it until we clean up the corruption.


I like where you're going with that, G-L.


I will be contacting Madame Pelosi tomorrow and I am not a constituent but since she bragged to a young audience for 'being for single payer before they were born' I think it would be a good idea to poke my pitch fork at her metaphorically and demand she support single payer publicly. I have poked Bernie yesterday with my disappointment in his new found 'incrementalism' on single payer. Time for yet another letter to the editors making the case for single payer.


You might very well be right but why not go down fighting?


Incrementalism is the new bait and switch.

Keep your powder dry. Remember it's a big tent. A 50-state strategy requires restraint. Liberals are effin retarded--the mushy middle swing voters are the key to victory. Hippie punch no matter what. Without big donor money, we're toast.

I ask the spineless Democrats: How's that working out for you?

Debbie Dingell--and I hastily point out that my district or thereabouts has been represented by a Dingell for 84 years!--lets BlueCross-BlueShield dictate her positions. Yeah, it's pitchfork time.



It really does seem as if a Universal healthcare system is in the offing now. The double cost compared tomCanada, and Australia etc is the profit motive behind the current system in the US.
Healthcare is a common good, and has no business being a for profit enterprise. However this side cannot be ignored. Congress will have to find a way to deal with the profiteers so they can avoid being bankrupted.
They will fight tooth and nail if they feel they are seriously losing out. Either they get compensated and reassigned to a new private sector.


And here in tne UK Brown Nose may and her cronies are trying their hardest to destroy our NHS and create a US style system health care system so that their big business cronies can cash in. . The lunatics are truly running the asylum


As pointed out - folks already know about it and the majority want it - the problem here, as in so many other areas, is that we don't take our opinion polls to the electoral polls - we have had folks on the ballot who are dedicated to this as well as to other stuff we the people want - and we don't vote for 'em - it is, as Stein says, in our hands, yet time and again we let it slip through our fingers ....