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'Craven Ratings Stunt:' NBC Rebuked for Booking Trump Town Hall Opposite Biden's on Rival ABC

You will note that she did in fact “call the fucker out.” And was he and his mob ever butthurt!

Don’t like Biden much I guess huh.
Probable viewers in the millions, not three.
I enjoyed a sane town hall with Biden. The trump one was yet another shit show.

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The dems have tried and tried. The republicans refuse to be anything even close to fair minded.

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If smiling at him for over an hour is calling him out she did a great job.
I’ve said it a few times before. You can’t touch a babbling, bully, inconsiderate asshole with fairness. But laughing at his seriousness about his self gloating (false gloating) is the only way to rough him up.
Otherwise you have to be able to cut him off and stop his horrid ramblings.

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Don’t Make America GAG Again. Vote the Trump pandemic out on Nov. 3rd.


If the small bit of the 45 effort to develop platform I watched is any indication I doubt that 45 would be any better a debate contender than he is a president! Once again he amply demonstrated that even being interviewed and generating a platform or projecting a plan for the future is beyond him. He seems to think that being argumentative is debating as he was just that with the reasonable questions he couldn’t answer. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a broadcast for the only candidate that actually has a plan for the future other than more of the same, on steroids. At this point in these campaigns, I doubt that there are many undecided voters besides the evangelical vote who are questioning the reasons to vote for a man of such moral turpitude!

Biden is only a first step toward normalcy but the best we can get.

A vote for the Biden/Harris ticket may be a baby step toward regaining our democracy but it is one that must be made.