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Crazy Hot Future Could Make Persian Gulf Unfit for Human Habitation



A modern-day fable more poignant than "The Midas Touch" in that the very nations that grew rich on acting as oil suppliers to the world's industrialized nations end up burning up and becoming wholly uninhabitable as a result.

And people wonder if there is such a thing as karma's boomerang, or cosmic blowback?


It sounds like millions of climate migrants could be leaving the Persian Gulf region some day.


Do you remember when Texans said "Let them freeze in the dark" when the price of heating oil went through the roof in the Northeast? Now you've got "Let them fry in the sun".


"cooling makes the planet hotter." Mainly by burning fuels to make electricity but electricity which can be made from sunshine, wind & water. Another good reason to make the change now.


I thought that was a former Premier of Alberta who said. "Let the Eastern bastards freeze in the dark" while voicing his opposition to a national energy program.

He also complained about "Eastern creeps and bums filling our jails" while mayor of Calgary.

IIRC he died of cirrhosis.

Nasty people can die nastily. Too bad they take so long.


The 2022 World Cup in Qatar just got another complication.


With all that dust from depleted uranium munitions a-blowin' in the wind, will there be anyone left alive to die from heat-stroke?


Covering any body of water with solar panels can reduce evaporation and heat absorption by as much as 5 F. India is using panels to cover irrigation canals to power pumps and reduce evaporative loss. So far California has rejected the idea for its canals. The home of Silicon Valley avoids using silica to power its servers and preserve its water. Not exactly innovative. Large rafts of panels over the Gulf could provide much of the electricity to power air conditioning and reduce humidity and give the gulf states something more productive to do with their money rather than buy expensive weapons.


Need anything else be said?...


The amount of electricity that can be generated by sunshine, wind and water systems is very limited as the energy source is so weak compared to the energy in the fossil fuels. In addition, these systems have a limited lifetime and are made of irreplaceable material. On top of that, society needs liquid fuels for transport as well as electricity. Providing these fuels will be another predicament as oil gets beyond reach.


It's interesting that despite the rising temps and atmospheric carbon, and the acceleration of those and their effects by tipping points we've already passed, that the authors cling to obsolete scenarios which have already been surpassed—IPCC's BAU results are probably not even the mildest case possible now, and to think it will take 50 years to reach wet bulb temps only .4 C higher than what we've already hit, seems insanely optimistic to me. I'd expect us to reach that 35 C limit in several places in the world, several times a year at least, within a few years; a decade at the absolute most. Researchers who should understand this the best should be saying so.

The minor point is that the first spinning globe in the video is spinning the wrong way. It was jarring to me;, and then the time-reverse spinning globe was spinning the right way but gave the idea that was still wrong, reinforcing the jarring sensation. Was it intentional?

I think at this moment of crisis the more physical-ecological reality we ground ourselves in the better.


Since the U.S. military is running the climate change show along with the U.N. and NATO, those heat waves, cold waves, floods, earthquakes and all disaster weathers are being created by the evil weather war machine.
Read: "Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth" by Elana Freeland. Your questions to everything can be answered with this book.
The Tesla technology is in full use only not for benevolent reasons as intended. The government always can turn something designed for good and turn it against people for military use to do great harm.


If the conservative scientists predict something happening by the end of the century, I'm tempted to think they mean by the end of the decade. If they say fifty years, I'm thinking five.

No evidence to support my thoughts, nothing but speculation. But if you look at the difference between what the models predicted and the evidence measured, you'll find the evidence is coming in faster than the models predicted. In a way the deniers are right when they claim that the models are 'rong', but as usual, they're wrong about why they're right.


The linked article makes it clear that the heat event will be somewhat rare, at first anyhow. But I do wonder how the heat will affect the ability of the Muslim faithful to go on a Hajj (pilgrimage) That's one of the five pillars of that faith, if it's going to get too hot for any of the pilgrims to survive the trip how will the faithful react to reality?

Think of what would happen if a heat event occurred at the same time that the Hajj was happening, they get 2-3 million people visiting Mecca at that time. What would we do if that many people died in a day?


Sorry, but you are completely wrong about the power or energy potential of wind, solar, and water. You sound like a shill for big oil. to me.


You are totally misinformed about the causes of climate change. It has nothing to do with HAARP. Why would the military destroy the climate on purpose? While geoengineering through chemtrails is likely taking place, it is a secret response to rising global temperatures, not a nefarious operation to kill the climate.


You make a good argument for twenty-five years ago. You have no real idea of the advances already made and being made in alternatives. You talk of heavy silicon panels like those from years ago while advances are happening with light weight flexible panel solar and with a spray on solar paint which is self explanatory I hope. Cheap inexpensive solar panels are coming ever closer to rigid solar panels in efficiency.

Wind turbines are already competitive with fossil fuels, last for decades (fossil fuel plants had a shelf life too btw). They are producing huge amounts of energy and Denmark is striving for 100% of the nation's energy to be generated by wind by 2050 (80% by 2030 as per reported goals).

The irreplaceable materials are being been replaced... didn't you get the memo?

Fuels for transport? You mean no electric cars? Liquid fuels for electricity? Are you joking?

There is more oil already in know reserves than we can safely use with causing catastrophic climate change. We have more oil than we can safely use.

Oil will be in surplus in a couple of decades. They may be pushing to sell as much as they can now but the writing is on the wall. Fossil fuels have an expiration date. We could go completely renewable energy if we had the political will to do so. Imagine every building in Arizona or Nevada etc. with free air conditioning all day long when electricity use is greatest. Free electricity from solar panels. Wind turbines on the plains and up in the mountains?

You need to do a little research. It's like computers. You folks take to new things easily... old folks think in old ways of doing things.


Why would they need to use rafts when there is so much open desert to build solar plants?

In the future we will see solar awnings become ubiquitous. In fact we will see almost everything come with a photovoltaic surface that needs only sunlight (or just light) to run. Streets would have sunglasses type solar panels awnings/umbrella overhead that would shade the streets below and help power the city.


I'd love to see even a few trees in our Capitalist-run shopping malls --
grocery store lots.

When you get into a car that feels like it's on fire after only a short time you've been in the store to do a simple errand, fear grows -- and we are all feeling it now.

Btw, many do not know that we have a 50 year delay in the effects of Global Warming which we are feeling and experiencing -- right now we are only feeling the effects of our activities up to 1965.