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"Crazy" Transcripts Reveal Trump's Approach to Diplomatic Relations with Allies


"Crazy" Transcripts Reveal Trump's Approach to Diplomatic Relations with Allies

Julia Conley, staff writer

Transcripts obtained by the Washington Post show President Donald Trump's aggressive approach to foreign relations early in his presidency, as he spoke with the President of Mexico and Prime Minister of Australia about immigration issues.

A week into his term, Trump was apparently concerned about his ability to deliver on his oft-repeated promises to build a wall on the United States' southern border, to "make Mexico pay for that wall," and to keep refugees out of the U.S.


The con artist is always concerned about his image. Always concerned about how he will look.

Not so much about what it is that he is talking about but very much about what he will look like!

The con man prince born into money and always on stage acting, pretending and conning people.


Crazy is as crazy does, sir.


Crazy is as crazy does, and this sad little psychopath exhibits the definition of crazy in his dealings with everyone it seems.
Beside crazy, he is ignorant, narrow in the extreme in life experience, bigoted, and lacks all the attributes a world leader worth their salt must possess - intelligence, empathy, diplomacy, compassion, understanding, integrity, honor, moral compass, and wisdom - the absence of these and other moral attributes should make every thinking person ashamed…and determined to resist the madness.

Sadly this contemptible person is not alone in the political and business realms in total lack of such virtues…


Dammit stewarjt! I was writing as you posted, but I will not edit - great minds think along the same lines…peace.


I am reminded of a scene from Gladiator…Commodus: “You wrote to me once, listing the four chief virtues: Wisdom, justice, fortitude and temperance. As I read the list, I knew I had none of them. But I have other virtues.” Selfish ambition, avarice, deceitful cunning, obscene vanity, extreme rudeness, and pathological dishonesty.

All those negative “virtues” (and more) are encompassed in trumps egocentric, twisted, crazy personality.


Yup, chiding, goading, and denigrating our (US) third largest trading partner’s president…that works!!! Our trade with Mexico is 14.4% of the total with China #1 and Canada #2. (https://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/statistics/highlights/toppartners.html) Messing with NAFTA and tariffs will only serve to cause disastrous economic and social results for the US. What can we expect from deranged demagogue who is only interested in filling his own coffers (and those of his billionaire sycophants in the cabinet and at large). If the emperor could sit long enough to read/reflect/cogitate, he just might get at least a general idea of how diplomatic relations work…NAH…that would take time away from his golf excursions. I know, he could patch up the relationship with Mexico by bringing a beauty pageant to the DF or buidling a multi-story monstrosity in the DF or by RESIGNING.


Or you can simply say that his “virtues” are quintessentially USAn ones.


I’m never surprised at the immaturity of Trump. US standing in the world is in freefall and deservedly so.


Can we please put some clothes on this orange creep emperor. He is so hard on the eyes in his present form.
Amerkkka is the laughing stock of the world.


Bulltwicky on yer crystal ball there, dude…


Yet another laugh-shudder-eyeroll moment…and they just keep on a’comin’.


“A White House official defended Trump’s demeanor during the phone calls, saying, “…[Tramp] is direct and forceful in his determination to put America and Americans first.””

Horse puckey! All he thinks about is himself… (me, me, me, how will I look…)


If he’s worried about what he will look like, he’s in deep trouble and has no sense of reality, because he really looks like sh*t.


1st we didn’t arm ISIS, they took weapons given to other groups. Different groups were armed to fight ISIS, like the Kurds. Some groups that were supposedly moderate, turned to ISIS, many others fighting ISIS ran away, just like the Iraqis did, dropping their weapons. Hillary was the one who pushed arming the syrian rebels along with many republicans. Obama opposed it because of the risk of weapons falling into ISIS’s hands.
In the end Obama relented in order to arm groups against ISIS. But the program was never intended to arm ISIS, just like arming Iraqi troops was never intended to arm ISIS though many when running away dropped the weapons.
2nd getting out of the paris agreement is probably the worst thing he could have done. It was completely voluntary with only stated goals and nothing binding. And now we are going w/o a plan for climate change. But to deniers like you, I am sure that it is all a hoax. Smart people though know the science is good on climate change.
3rd globalist scheme? It only pertains to a few countries, nothing global about it. It may not have been a great deal, but it is not some attempt to take over the US. The rich have done that quite well in the US already. And now we have a president with the richest cabinet ever dictating to us.
As for war, Trump seems to be doing his best to get us into a war with N. Korea, which will not go well. Esp, since that would drag russia and china into the conflict and most likely not on our side.


Trump’s 32-34% diehard supporters are convinced he’s a decisive leader and great dealmaker. 61% of the voters think he’s deceitful, 50+% think he’s bascically heading the country into the swamp, he promised to drain. Nothing in his future will change these %s much for the betterment of Trump. A lot in his future will lower these %s. Trump & Co. are going to be the unhappiest people in the country when Congress further undermines his Presidency. The Mueller Investigation will then come in and finish him off.
Trump is now in the quicksand of The Swamp. He waded in there himself and since he’s the king of the politics of personal destruction, none of his allies will risk or sacrifice much to save him.
Unfortunately, for the majority of Americans, the aftermath of Trump’s election will spark off some very unknowable disasters. Here’s where the old saw, " hope for the best, prepare for the worst " comes home to roost. Onto the kitchen tables of the folks who won’t understand what just happened to the latest Fearless Leader. Say, Double Yikes!!!
Before all that happens, though, the world outside of The Swamp sits on the edge of their chairs. Who can blame them if they, at some point, dive under their own kitchen tables and cover their ears.
Enough was way too much in the case of Trump v. The Real World. His erratic behavior and public posturing is out of control, at present. Hang in there, folks, we’re in for a very long bumpy ride, I’d guess.


hehehehhahhahahah so true


Trump is lewd, crude, rude, classless, vulgar, profane, depraved,a degenerate, obscene, perverted megalomaniac, and a sociopathic narcissist!


Documented liar

The main with tiny hands is a national embarrassment, a disgraceful and a despicable example of “American exceptionalism”.


Hey Jack, I think you need to read between the lines a bit more carefully instead of taking everything at face value.