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Creating a Home through the Green New Deal

Creating a Home through the Green New Deal

Cynthia Kaufman

Near where I live, in Pacifica California, there is a big piece of land right at the ocean that was once slated to be the site of a giant freeway interchange. That plan was stopped by local people who saw no need for increased freeway capacity.

You know that snarky kid in middle school who would copy your work? Or the slimy guy at work that listens to your idea and then at the meeting presents it as his before you can speak?

That’s AOC and her Green New Deal - but it’s even worse. It’s watered down to vague talking points and also taking all the air out of the room thus diverting attention from the real deal it copied.

Now we have in this beautiful article about the crisis the assertion that only now people are starting to fill in the specific details. But AOC campaigned on an already existing bill that already had all the details filled in. She promised if elected to promote it. But instead she did this Green New Deal (even stealing the name from the Greens) and diverted attention from what she copied and watered it down and got the media to help in this trick to slow down things.

I’m betting the author is unaware of this real deal, due to how AOC and her promotion by the media had ignored this bill that already existed!

I am talking about the Off Fossil Fuels Act, which is comprehensive, specific, actionable with a definite timetable and measurements.

Thank you Cynthia Kaufman for bringing Bruno Latour into the pages of a news feed. That is one of the best places for him and for the idea expansion he has lived for. As we expand the wrestling engagement with the changes we need to do yesterday, I invite folks to get a copy of A Thousand Plateaus. Co-authored by Felix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze. Like a new and renewed Alice in Wonderland for the adult imagination - something we elders must treasure at this juncture if we’re to be any good for the youngsters.

Here is a link to the original text of H.R. 3671, introduced 9/1/2017

Short and sweet -just in case folks might want to keep it to cite to their reps:

Shown Here:

Introduced in House (09/01/2017)

Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act

This bill transitions away from fossil fuel sources of energy to clean energy sources (e.g., energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy).

By 2027: (1) 80% of electricity sold must be generated from clean energy resources, (2) 80% of new vehicle sales from manufacturers must be sales of zero-emission vehicles, and (3) 80% of train rail lines and train engines must be electrified. By 2035: (1) 100% of electricity must be generated from clean energy resources, (2) 100% of vehicle sales from manufacturers must be zero-emission vehicles, and (3) 100% of train rail lines and train engines must be electrified.

The bill establishes a car allowance rebate system within the Department of Transportation to provide economic incentives for consumers to purchase new, clean energy vehicles.

No federal permits for new major fossil fuel projects may be issued in 2018 and thereafter.

The bill amends the Internal Revenue Code to: (1) terminate specified fossil fuel subsidies, (2) permanently extend renewable electricity production tax credits for electricity generated from wind, and (3) permanently extend a business energy investment tax credit for solar or wind energy technologies.

A Community Assistance Fund is established for specified industrial and energy efficiency programs.

The bill permanently reauthorizes the Weatherization Assistance Program, which provides energy efficiency retrofits of low-income homes.

It prohibits exports of domestically produced crude oil and natural gas, including liquefied natural gas.

The Center for Clean Energy Workforce Development is established within the Department of Labor.
All actions on the bill to date


I was happy to hear about Latour’s writing, as I had not heard of it. My contribution to the conversation, is for other animals to be recognized as our fellow travelers on earth and my hope that the day will come when they will be treated with the respect and protection they deserve. And an added comment about the California condor; they are still on the brink of extinction for many reasons, habitat loss, wildfires and the continued use of lead ammunition in sport hunting. ( lead was banned from use on National wilderness areas, but Trump took away that protection). Our mantra might be , “there is no economic and social justice without climate justice.” I was glad to read Latour who voices my instinctive feelings in ways I never could.

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