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Creating an Empire of Graveyards?

Creating an Empire of Graveyards?

Tom Engelhardt

Recently, a memory of my son as a small boy came back to me. He was, in those days, terrified of clowns. Something about their strange, mask-like, painted faces unnerved him utterly, chilled him to the bone. To the rest of us, they were comic, but to him -- or so I came to imagine anyway -- they were emanations from hell.


Interesting and accurate take on the State of our Union but Tom, who is propagandizing America ? The MSM ? Correct , and who owns the MSM ? Who controls the news and lies we are told ? You know Tombut if you dare speak the truth, you will be ostracized. Who is it that we can not chastise, these are the people who run America.


I used to envy the citizens of the late Soviet Union for having only one source of information (the state), and I admired them for making a virtue of necessity, turning the practice of reading between the lines into a high art. In the US, we were taught that we were blessed to have freedom of the press, because “They couldn’t print it if it wasn’t true”—a stunningly naive belief that has never served us well, and even less so in the 21st century.

It may be that Twitler has done us—unwittingly, of course—a great favor with his obsession with
"fake news." It’s becoming obvious to more and more people that having 6 corporate media behemoths owned by billionaires isn’t a cure for “fake news,” but rather a guarantor of it.