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Creating Enemies, Creating Hell


Creating Enemies, Creating Hell

Robert C. Koehler

“Numerous foreign-born individuals have been convicted or implicated in terrorism-related crimes since September 11, 2001.”

As Donald Trump sets out to “protect America,” I dedicate the words of his explosively controversial proclamation banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, to one of his supporters: Alexandre Bissonnette, the white nationalist Canadian who shot up a mosque in Quebec City a few days ago, murdering six people and injuring eight others.


Minorities or immigrants in this country, born here or otherwise, and live in a state of constant vigilance, as their space itself is impeded by hate wherever they go, be it a grocery store or gas station.

It is truly they who are terrorized by Americans who take it upon themselves to execute some vague notion of justice, as in "let me show you your place because I am superior."

Sometimes this is done by other minorities, who consider themselves in a comfort zone untouchable by everyday troubles.

The media and the super wealthy have succeeded in their divide and conquer.


Indeed they have, especially faux media such as Fox "News", Breitbart, etc.


Our dishonorable history since America became the sole superpower on the planet requires a national apology to the world. I do not EVER AGAIN want to hear some nationalistic exceptionalism blathering politician utter the words “God Bless America”. Any mindful speaker should close any discourse on past or future national policy with “God Help Us, God Forgive Us, God Have Mercy On Us”.


I'm beginning to wonder if a WW III would be fought on American soil. Frankly, that would be appropriate.


The 'Shadow Government' is saying to Trump, "It's time for a war that will make the country rally around the Presidency." And Trump responds, "Yes Masters."

We the People must stop this one, before it starts. Get ready.


I agree with the sentiments of this article. Am tired of hearing people claim Trump chose the countries he does not have business interests in. That is basically untrue.

President Trump's 27 January 2017 executive order mentioned only Syria by name; the six other countries associated with it were ones that had been identified by DHS as "of concern" as early as December 2015 by the Obama administration.

Always distractions from the real issue.


Nevertheless, Saudi Arabia will never be on that ban list no matter how many terrorists come out of there.


"How do we create a Governing Structure that understands this?"

The question could well be 'how do we RE-create' this Structure, as it actually did exist in the US from 1961-1963.

President Kennedy created an alternative to the Military, the Peace Corps, knowing that helping, and working with, other Countries would gain us Security that Guns and Bombs could not.

Further, his agreement, detailed, footnoted and corroborated in James W. Douglass's 2008 work of Historical Non-Fiction "JFK and the Unspeakable - Why He Died and Why It Matters", with Soviet Premier Khrushchev in 1963, began, what was to have been, an end to the Cold War as well as an end to US Military Involvement in Viet Nam.

The same Entities, CIA, Military and FBI, that murdered him, and their unseen backers are all still actively working against us Citizens ever having Peace and Security in our lives, all the while mendaciously telling us, through the Captured Media, that our Peace and Security actually are their goals.

As Retired NYPD, Peace Activist, and Master of Theology, Larry Darcey told me many times,"It always boils down to "We the People".

We must Reach Out, Connect and, difficult as it is, Trust in each other's Innate Humanity, to Overcome these Massive Forces against us.


A powerful and deeply moving essay! Thank you Mr. Koehler.


In the late 1980s, early 1990s, we decided that the poor were the enemies. The general public were duly re-education to view poverty as a behavioral issue rather than as proof of the significant short-comings of our capitalist system. By the time that the US stripped our poor of the most basic human rights (UN's UDHR) of food and shelter, even liberals just shrugged.

Politicians instruct the media, and the media tell us what to think.


USAians murder 15000 USAians per year commonly, by gunshot. A great many more are raped by USAians.And a lot are robbed by USAians.

I trust that the Trump administration is going to deport all 370 million USAians to make the USA safe for those who want to live there. Though that there wall down south might get in the way. No wonder Mexico (and the rest of South America) thinks it a good idea.............


true,'crabpot'! and to be perfectly frank we can go all the way back to colonial days. we live in a nation that began on the backs of slave labor and committed acts of genocide against first peoples. the u.s. fought a war against the british empire; not to end imperialism but via "manifest destiny" to become the empire on the "new" continent. well, once an empire gets going there's no place to stop. the entire economy requires continued weapons production and ongoing expansion to exploit resources to feed the empire.

yes! this nation owes the entire living world a sincere apology. but somehow we the people must disavow the capitalistic, profit oriented economic system which is the germ infecting the very foundation of this nation. capitalism creates a competitive shark's tank environment thumbing its nose at harmony, cooperation and compassion. at this point a very few and very wealthy men control (or try to) the entire world economy. these winner-take-all guys cannot fully trust one another and that plays well for us. turn the tables and use the "divide and conquer" tactic on them. little things mean a lot! boycott the big financial banks! boycott the big box monopolies and in every way refuse to support the system which is an inhumane, sociopathic clear and present danger.

"God Bless America"--every self-centered exceptional american
"God bless us every one!"--tiny tim


"How do we create a governing structure that understands this? This is the task at hand. It’s bigger than defeating Trump."

yes indeed! koehler nails it. sure trumps is the most outspoken, belligerent, in yer face, jingoistic, oval office resident we've ever seen. however, the democrats, who speak with forked tongues contribute equally to support the wall street oligarchy and the military american empire. in a recent speech obama told the world that "america is the only essential nation." what a slap in the face to every nation on earth--including u.s. allies! the democrats see the growing dissatisfaction with trump as an opportunity to retake political control of the empire in four to eight years. glenn ford states correctly that smooth talking, silk tongued democrats are not the lesser, but the more effective evil. they wear fancy silk gloves to disguise their equally venal selves. trump has taken the gloves off showing the world the real face of american exceptionalism.

we need to a new structure that emphasizes humanitarian concerns. the unholy union of imperialism and capitalism prioritize profits and military power over life and a sustainable environment. it's time we the people create a new system which hold life as more important than money. we stand before a clear and present life-threatening danger! changing the guard but keeping the morally depraved system in tact only prolongs the suffering. boycott the system in every way we can think of because a few million little wrenches thrown into the works can make a differences. ultimately, this system is unsustainable and will implode on its own. however, bringing down the deplorable system is only step one. if we begin right now in our local communities creating a sustainable system based in the spirit of love and mutual respect, we might avoid or reduce the chaos of an imploding system. remember the antithesis of entropy is life!


I did not really understand this until I read hummingbird's reply to it. This does go back to the first English speaking settlers in area that is now US.


It would be progress if we could merely persuade our Military Industrial Complex to fight climate change aka global warming instead of any other nation. They could make PV solar panels and wind turbines and energy storage like maybe those new Tesla Lithium Ion Power Wall batteries to replace fossil and drill Enhanced Geothermal Systems and capture and compress CO2 and use it to frack the Enhanced Geothermal Systems instead of water based fracking fluid to keep our too big to fail fossil fuel firms happily (profitably) busy doing something that will help a little towards mitigating climate change. MIC will also need boats to replace buildings ruined by coastal flooding and desalination of seawater for irrigation of crops to feed the world.