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Creating 'Massive Media-Telecom Behemoth,' Judge Approves AT&T-Time Warner Merger


Creating 'Massive Media-Telecom Behemoth,' Judge Approves AT&T-Time Warner Merger

Jake Johnson & Jessica Corbett, staff writers

Dealing a significant blow to consumers by placing "unprecedented power in the hands of a single, massive media-telecom behemoth," a federal judge on Tuesday approved the widely denounced $85 billion merger between AT&T and Time Warner—a move that consumer advocates said paves the way for even more consolidation in the near future.


Just guessing - but I bet the judge was a former in house counsel for AT&T. You all know how the revolving door works.


Fight power centralization.

Direct Democracy


Ah, another move toward corporations and super wealthy individuals taking complete control of governance.

Big Corporate Governance run amok.


Communications companies are getting too big, there is too much surveillance, the white nationalists have taken over the executive branch and the Republican Party, and the global average temperature has passed 1C and it looks like passing 2C iisn’t that far away. What else can go wrong?


The only “competition” such huge mergers improve, is them against us.


Good afternoon Winston Smith, the weather for the rest of today will be cloud free and in the 80’s with a slight breeze. We have in store for you a fine meal of soylent greens with beans and your favorite show F-451 for your viewing pleasure.


BDS advertised propaganda. Really. it’s a project life hands ya.

Meat is easy to drop without a pout. And planes ain’t that hard to do without.

The boob tube is tougher to quit. It’s right there with crack cocaine and heroin.

But you gotta do it. Turn your inside out. (somebody famous said that).

Outside in. The national media monopoly, NMM will help put your inside out.

They’ll make you wanna scream and shout.


Thanks for the segue: it boils my blood that these authors don’t report the names of these fascist judges. What the hell?

My rep is on board, but whom else do I squawk to? I have written the FCC and other senators and reps. I’d gladly write any “so-called” judge.


Sieg heil! Almost here en toto.


Dan, how can it lead to a more enlightened and fairer system…at least in our lifetimes? That’s a sincere question.


FDR’s New Deal was as close as “a more enlightened and fairer system” came to capitalism.

The 1% started fighting back as soon as the New Deal was launched. Although it took them a half century to gain the critical mass needed to hasten the reemergence of fascist capitalism, they now have the momentum to create their neofeudal paradise where the 1% own everything and the 99% own nothing. It will be even better than slavery with the 99% being expendable serfs who do not need to be purchased, housed or fed by the 1%.


Judge Richard Leon is a child of the Duopoly. He was nominated by GW Bush, passed by a Dim-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee and confirmed by the Senate on a voice vote. Drumpf promoted him to the DC Court of Appeals.


And I am not allowed a composting toilet nor the ability to “camp” on my own property


Mostly wrong, FDR era moved people off the land and into cities to work in factories. creating the red state blue state paradigm. this also lead to a great reduction in community newspapers especially in rural areas.


I gave up TV about twelve years ago and I swear my IQ rebounded by about 20 points since. I am quite ignorant regarding today’s celebrities, and yes, ignorance is bliss in this regard.


My Mom has the damn thing on all day, all night, every day. When I go to visit, as soon as she gets up to do anything I will rush for the remote to at least turn the fucking TV down.

It drives me fucking insane. I haven’t had a TV for about a decade.


From what I understand the justice dept was not really fighting this merger----and once this was done Comcast is looking to do some merging------I have Directv and Time Warner is my internet provider------so this is a horizontal merger not vertical as the corporate media keep proclaiming. A real conservative would be against this deal and one would think progressives would be against this deal----so will we see Congress come out against the deal. And Trump has played this perfectly—be against while the deal goes through. Of course we don’t have conservatives or progressives in Congress just a bunch of bought and paid for aholes.

Here again is a real issue democrats could run on----all the monopolies in this country-nope won’t happen.


This merger is the monetary equivalent of the Bayer-Monsanto hookup. Overpriced communications and poisoned food will show the peons who is in charge with 5G microwave bombardments and failing body organs. Two 2 for 1 deals.


Jake and Jessica:

What is the name (and the FULL name) of this “federal judge?”

Thanking you in advance for an editor’s addition/editorial correction,

The American Public