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Creating 'Massive Media-Telecom Behemoth,' Judge Approves AT&T-Time Warner Merger


Jake and Jessica:

What is the name (and the FULL name) of this “federal judge?”

Thanking you in advance for an editor’s addition/editorial correction,

The American Public


So you really are a wise old owl. Congrats on escaping tv brainwashing.


As if this country doesn’t already have the media concentrated in few enough hands.

This country and it’s favorite corporations just plain suck.


Remember when we had to break UP ATT for the good of the country?


I wish I had an answer for you ToniWintroub. It’s that qualification of yours that is the stickler. In my lifetime I really can’t see us doing much of anything positive. It is only through fire and pain that the sheep will ever learn. There has to be a reckoning for all we have done and failed to do. Only then, after we have walked through the fire, will we be able to bring forth a better and fairer system. It is the death of the old, while the new struggles to be born…but unfortunately for us I see little hope.


Spot on Ray and Thank You.


Just sticking my head in for a bit. Hope you don’t mind. There is a better way.


Rather simple view of a complex time with industrialization really cranking up and all. Sure wish it were as simple as you say.


Perfect analogy. We’vr all seen movies where the world is run by one mega corporation while the people starve. Its coming more realistic every day. There is no way to stop the greed or our Bladerunner future.


The way I see it, this ruling is quite simply state-enforced corporate capitalism that will reinforce oppression of the working class.


Someday, sooner than you think, there will be one media company.
All hail the CCA, the communications corporation of America. Please forward all questions to the ministry of truth.


Thank You.


My mother is the same. I grew up with the TV on all the time and it was hard to learn to sleep without it. I haven’t had one for about 8 years now. My mom has gotten worse: all 4 TVs in the house will be on to a different channel. Do you know the Today show is four goddamn hours long? Jeezus.


Its not simple. I believe the myth your supporting in Rays assertion is way over simplified.
America was founded on the concept of free land owning self emplyed people as opposed to non landed serfs in Europe.
Hence the idea of “freedom”
How is moving people into cities and factories to become tenants and wage slaves the American idea?
Also the industrial revolution was is full swing way way before FDR.
That admin was tasked with winning a war, so instead of providing assistance to poor people to stay on there land they essentailly evicted them and subsidised big bussiness with cheap land less labor. The trade off was social security as a replacement for haveing land to subsist on.
Lets see how that “idea” turns out.


THE most idealist thing i think I have ever heard.

But since were talking, by this assertion we should all love each other because if you go far enough back WE ARE ALL RELATED GENETICALLY.


Obviously, there are criminals making these decisions to permit monopolies to
expand and overturn democracy –

Just heard that Disney was involved in a similar deal with a company – and they picked
up competition because of this decision – and the deal went into overbidding where the
competition actually doubled Disney’s offer … ?

But costs for consumers won’t go up – right?


Yes, I am an INTP personality.

Yes, we all came out of Africa.

Yes, all of our shadows are the same color.