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'Creation Is Groaning!': Pope Francis Denounces Endless Growth, Humanity's Assault on Nature

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/01/creation-groaning-pope-francis-denounces-endless-growth-humanitys-assault-nature


The Pope is hitting the right notes, yet remains part and parcel of an authoritarian regime - in fact.

But he is trying, I suppose, and cannot be faulted for that.


He is trying to do what exactly?


He is a Jesuit, the same crowd that leaned on old Galileo (“Galileo”, by Mario Livio, astrophysicist).

I have read Laudato Si in its entirety - a fair and accurate assessment of the human predicament.

Obviously he is first and foremost a believing Catholic - yet he has found a way to possibly influence a billion followers - and lead them in at least the right direction. Laudato Si is mostly about societal inequality and accompanying this - the despoliation and degradation of both the natural world and the social conscience of people.

One needs to give credit I think - if that is at all possible.

Who among us has all of the answers ?

Who among us has even a few of the answers ?

We have mostly questions, anger, grief and fear.


Strange. I was under the impression the Vatican Mafia benefits greatly from growth having their own banking system and such …


There is more strangeness. Say you have a pension plan of any sort, government or private - you are either collecting or contributing to this.

You are benefiting from the investments made in the exact same oligarchic Wall Street stock-market which the Vatican is undoubtedly also benefiting from.


Yes, the Jesuit have a long history, the no nonsense bunch.

If he wants to lead his followers he should start by telling the truth and then set them free.


I have before me “St. Ignatius Loyola” the autobiography of the founder of the Jesuits - translation by Joseph O’Callaghan ((1992).

I was struck by the phrase "contemplatio in actiones’ (the contemplative in action, or contemplation thru action), which was coined by Jerome Nadal, one of Ignatius’ most trusted early followers and companion of the saint himself.

I have found that amongst all philosophy and psychology, my preferred natural philosophy is of this type, and my heroes men & women of action - deriving their ‘philosophy’ right from the only true sounding board - Nature itself, and the human being embedded in his or her attempt to survive.

It is also striking the number of scientific breakthroughs wrought by men of the cloth in general, the Jesuits taking their full share.

We struggle to make sense of our world - all of us, religious, atheist, agnostic, some who aren’t so sure who they are.

In the struggle itself - may come bits of wisdom, if one is lucky.

And what is the truth, pray tell ?


The truth is knowing your own information, it would look like this (–) As opposed to this (+)

With all due respect to Pope Francis (and I mean that sincerely) most of us are not in need of “a wakeup call in the face of our rampant greed and consumption.” Most of us commoners in the world are simply trying to survive. If he wants to point a finger, he should do so with more precision, pointing at the rampant militarism of primarily the USA, but also of other leading nations, the hoarding greed of the rich, and yes, to his own church for its rigid adherence to the ban on birth control, thereby ensuring a population that the planet cannot support sustainably.


Or how about?**He points that finger right at himself?**MOFO! How dare he?Gee pope! When in 1970!The scientists said not only that climatechange was coming if we didnt stop using fossil fuels…yes 1970s. #ExxonKnew!What exactly?Was the Catholic church doing?**When the scientists ALSO said if we dont prevent it, we are going to have a?wait for it…POPULATION BOOM!**Yup!the population of the globe at that time was…wait for it…~3BILLION. And we KNEW without birth control…a huge boom was coming, and golly gee…it DID.
Because!Of the interference and the STUPIDITY of the misogynists with funny hats?All over Africa and SA!! where they should have been, and could have been handing out birth control free like candy?What were they doing?Condemning women to have children who would starve right in front of them! Because you know global population BOOM is part a big part of the whole environmental crisis…DOH.
So maybe if the pompous one would um I dunno maybe stop the OFFICIAL MISOGYNY of the Catholic Church and its REDONCULOUS!stance on birth control AND abortion?maybe we would have a lot less starving people! in REAL NUMBERS to worry about!1970s!!!That is when real intervention and prevention of the global population boom was possible!
That pompous MOFO! He “thinks” he speaks for gawd! JFC. Newsflash for that old white man!When Jesus said “…suffer the little children to come unto me…” He was not saying that Catholic priests SHOULD RAPE THEM! MOFO! Still just shuffles priests KNOWN for rape and molestation of CHILDREN! around!Refuses to hand them over to authorities or to apologize OFFICIALLY!or to address the survivors! I got a message for the pope!
Look inward honey…you ARE the problem! Who does he “think” he is?To me, just another!delusional, misogynist!old white man with a complex who has no clue WTAF he’s talking about.


When is he going to say something about women’s reproductive rights since the church does not believe in birth control.


How much is the vatican worth? Maybe it’s time for them to give away their money to groups that could build housing, feed people create worker cooperatives, etc.

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Good suggestion. Of course, that’s not gonna happen as long as there are people walking this earth in need of an institution that pulls the wool over their eyes…

Do we have to point out the obvious? Is Pope Francis telling his flock to stop having children? There is a relationship between endless growth and endless people. It’s kind of hypocritical of the Pope.


Luke 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; 26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

Sounds a little like what is transpiring now.

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Rings kind of hollow with any controls on population growth…


This is a work of hypocrisy. Maybe I missed it, but doesn’t the number of humans on the planet have something to do with growth? His church mandates reproduction at all levels. His church fights all efforts to educate everyone, especially women on ways of family planning, treatment of women, and sexual responsibilities of men. He is a theocrat, not a believer in democracy, representative or otherwise. He perpetuates male domination of females using his unnatural club of “celibate” males. I haven’t read Laudato Si, but if reading it produces the fatalistic summation of manysummits, I’ll pass.


I pity the poor innocent animals: “What’s the difference between God granting [man] dominion over every living thing and the U.S. military seeking full-spectrum dominance?”—Derrick Jensen

Even now, the notion that animals “exist for our sake” has strong resonances throughout popular Christianity. It is only right that theologians should now mock “the folly” of this notion, but such belated protests would carry more weight if they were offered in a spirit of some penitence. Folly it must be that sees the whole world as our plaything, but it has also been a grievous folly for those who have had to suffer it. We suffer least the folly inflicted on others when it affects us not at all. No wonder that…Voltaire could claim against Christians that “those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities.” Andrew Linzey, Christianity and the Rights of Animals , 1989


“endless growth” Well that’s a good one. How about the part about “go forth and multiply,” eh? Any comments from the Pope on that one.