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Creative Hoax Asks Why Free College Tuition Not Up for Discussion


Creative Hoax Asks Why Free College Tuition Not Up for Discussion

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A group of anti-debt camaigners pulled off a creative hoax on Monday by falsely announcing it had won a coveted prize offered by the nation's student "aid" industry with this innovative proposal: "end student debt for good by making higher education tuition free for all."


All public education should be publicly funded if the nation gives a damn about not only the quality of its society but if it is going to be a society at all and not a company town. And when it gives a damn, it will find its way to publicly fund housing, transportation and health care.


You are quite right, of course, but the answer to the question posed by the article is that nobody, frankly my dear, gives a damn. Maybe in ten years.


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One of the coolest articles ever. I cannot see how any member of the conference could hold up her or his head for one second after reading this.


Only ten years?


Increasing admission standards would go a long ways too towards reducing Freshman drop out rates and decreasing college costs. As it is, admission standards are low in order to maximize the number of suckers to sign up for student loans. The colleges benefit, the banks benefit but the students who are ill-prepared for college but get accepted anyway get screwed. The current system is a money racket. The only supporters of it are those who profit from it.


The reason is that the money for free tuitions goes to the military and such horrid boondoggles as the F-35. You can send a lot of folks to school for 1.2 billion.

But alas, MIC funding trumps all social and societal needs.


You are correct about student loans. But wouldn’t improving the K-12 schooling help prepare kids for college? Then we might not “need” low admission standards.

There are many factors adding to the education dilemma.

Fifty years ago I was working at a UAW factory next to a kid who was raising a family and going to school full time. When we were laid off (every year for a few months), I could draw unemployment.

But my friend could not, because you couldn’t draw unemployment while being a full-time student. So he had to quit college so he could draw the UC check and feed his kids.


Indeed there are many facets to the problem. I do not claim to have pointed out the end-all be-all problems nor solutions to those problems. But admission standards being low to attract student loan signatories really gripes me.


Bernie Sanders has called for free college tuition at all public colleges and universities as a right of citizenship, and has done so for years.


OK, call me a dreamer. But my dream is pretty common on this site.


In a free trade globalized society I don’t care about the native people. I can and do import foreigners to do the work. Or we offshore the work. I don’t need you to be honest. And liberal immigration and free trade make this possible. I will get far more benefit from training and educating a kid in Somalia than I will the kids down the street.

If you can’t afford to educate your own kids then why did you have kids?