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Credulous Reporting of Deceptive Propaganda Made Planned Parenthood Attack Inevitable

Credulous Reporting of Deceptive Propaganda Made Planned Parenthood Attack Inevitable

Jim Naureckas

The attack on Planned Parenthood was probably inevitable after the right saw how well the attack on ACORN was received.

ACORN, like Planned Parenthood, was at the top of the right’s list of most-hated organizations, though in ACORN’s case its chief sin was not helping women control their own bodies but rather helping poor people vote. ACORN was taken off the board by a series of deceptively edited, cunningly marketed hidden-camera videos, shot by right-wing prankster James O’Keefe (with Hannah Giles) and marketed by BigGovernment.com‘s Andrew Breitbart.


Our era is one replete with disinformation, corruption, and lies (that lead to calamitous outcomes) that go unpunished.

I remember my reaction when news that billboards featured in prominent parts of African cities insisting that manmade baby formula was superior to Mother’s natural milk led to the death of many infants. The mothers lacked the facilities needed to sterilize the faux equivalent of what they possessed thanks to the Great Mother. (Due to public protest, companies quit these deceptive ad campaigns.)

Today our food is so drenched in additives, flavoring agents, shelf-life extenders, and toxic chemicals as to hardly meet the definition for the word FOOD.

A parallel exists in the “food for thought” spectrum in that most of what is taken in as true news stories is just as adulterated; nor does it help that the cessation of The Fairness Doctrine and other corporately-friendly deregulatory policies allowed for a handful of merciless corporations to own our–the public’s–air waves.

When lies that lead to aggressive war go unpunished…

And lies that disguise the acts of torture (misrepresented as “enhanced interrogation”) go unpunished…

And lies about Presidential vote counts go without redress…

And lies corporations tells about their products go without any punitive charges (Exxon hiding the TRUTH about climate change decades ago)…

And politicians lie about their positions only to betray those who voted for them once they assume seats of power…

Then how could it be possible in such a universe of deception for operations like these right wing dis-information documentary makers to be held to account?

IF lady justice still was viable and her scales made to balance, NONE of this insanity could go on… no less pretend to take the higher moral ground!


I remember that too. My stomach turned over.

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This perfectly illustrates how incredibly fucking biased the media is. You cannot believe a word they say.

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I don’t know what’s more vomitous

The lies

The pandering to the liars

Or the spineless response (or lack of same) from those who could refute those lies.

Pretty much a toss up, don’t you think?

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Exactly, the lie-refuters - typically consisting of wimpy pacifist liberals - are entirely too nice to the right-wing thugs.

I was thinking of the political expediency of tossing the victims of these attacks under the bus, as well as simply remaining mute, or at best making some prefunctory objection, while the bully pulpit stands empty.

It’s gratifying to know that Breitbart’s Breitarsch (for those who don’t understand Greman - Fatass) is being barbecued in hell (if there is a just god) for all the vicious crap he perpetrated. If only that could be said of his many sordid followers.

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I personally think this can all be traced back to Spiro Agnew. His speech about the “nattering nabobs of negativism” launched the accusations about left-wing media. Even-handedness in defense against that claim became the substitute for truth.
Put that together with journalism schools and degrees and there is the foundation for weak reporting. J-schools seem to have this idea that a good reporter can cover any story. I hear so many careless stories from reporters who don’t really know the subject. Business reporters should understand business in all its parts. Science reporters should be familiar with the broad scope of science.
It produces better results, I think to find people who know the subject and teaching them to write a story rather than the reverse. Teaching people to write and then expecting them to master a field of study results in easy-to-manipulate press coverage.