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Creeping Toward Tyranny

Creeping Toward Tyranny

Chris Hedges

The destruction of the rule of law, an action essential to establishing an authoritarian or totalitarian state, began long before the arrival of the Trump administration. The George W. Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq and implementation of a doctrine of pre-emptive war were war crimes under international law. The federal government’s ongoing wholesale surveillance of the citizenry, another legacy of the Bush administration, mocks our constitutional right to privacy. Assassinating a U.S.


Hedges gives us an outstanding distillation of the process by which we arrived here. When I read him, it hurts. I read him anyway, because he’s extraordinary. His summation offers no hope, and given where we currently sit, that’s a valid position. At the current rate of blatant law-breaking, I would say we are Galloping toward Tyranny.

But let me speak to Hope, because I must. The entire world is waking up - fast, and there is a global yearning for justice for All Beings. Children are stepping up and taking the lead in confronting Power with Truth. We have a chance…


Chris Hedges gives the reality of present day America in a clear concise manner to explain what’s happening and a bit of how we got here. I’m presently reading “Democracy Inc: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism” by Sheldon Wolin. This book should be required reading by all high school seniors. Of course the managers(govt), run by the capitalists, won’t ever allow that to happen. We as citizens are taught in school that we have a representative republic. When’s the last time anyone in Congress listened to the people that vote them in? Unrepresentative govt as Chris stated is par for the course and has been as long as I’ve been alive.(65 years.) The US is constantly engaged with Empire building instead of directing allocations to address the growing climate catastrophe due to global poisoning/warming. Apparently war is preferable because there’s two brewing as I write this. Yet, Iran and Venezuela pose no threat to the US, none. Empire wants their oil. The oil should stay in the ground to help increase the survivability of humankind. Do the tyrannical psychos ever stop to think about the destruction they are doing to our only home? No!! Profit is all they care about. Corporations now rule the govt instead of the other way around. Citizenry are only useful for their worthless votes. Otherwise we are superfluous to Empire’s demands. Empire will fall, they all do given time. And I say that time’s almost up here in the US. A capitalist experiment doomed to eventually fail. Peace All


They are going against the natural movement of evolution which is towards unity and oneness .


I fear that the equation of oil in the ground and survival of humanity assumes that those who would keep oil in the ground actually care about the survival of humanity. The push for mechanization translating into robotics places the 19th century scorn by industrialists into exponential intensification mode. Not unlike the blind (and increasingly unfounded) faith in technology to ‘clean up the planet’ the buyout of research suffers from precisely the framework of limitation established by the narrowness demanded by “externalized costs” of predatory capitalism.

Think of the sheer scope of planetary function that this parasitic form of “life” denies even exists and you are seeing how it will fail for the extent to which it is deaf, dumb and blind.


I almost always agree with the substance of and the arguments within Chris’s writing. While completely off the subject of this piece, the ego involved in presenting a photo which has to have been taken 30-40 years ago, beside his work, has long bothered me. Anyone who has seen Chris speak on Democracy now, etc. can easily see that the photo accompanying the op-ed is not anywhere close to recent. Chris, please bring your photo in line with the currency and relevancy of your work today. Readers care about what you say, not about what you looked like years ago.

FWIW … the accompanying Hedge’s photo is dated circa 2007, hardly 30-40 years ago. If as you say you care about what he says, why the comment about his photo? I personally don’t see how it detracts from his message.


We’ve allowed millionaires and billionaires to rule us, to possess almost every position of power in this nation.

Secondly, we’ve allowed these cretins to limit our political system to mostly the two parties of this Duopoly, basically preventing any other voices of criticism to become equal to their corporate controlled agendas.

The 95 to 97% of voters who each election, mindlessly vote to allow this corruption to not only continue, but also to get much, much worse, in my opinion, are the ones We, the sane People must reach and reform their way of thinking about the Tyrannical government they are pushing on all of us.


You cannot reason with, work with, rationalize with, expect empathy from, or change, Cult ideology. It is what it is and you have to deal with it on that level.
The republican party is a Fascist Cult.

All you can do is crush it.


I forgot to include in my comment above that since the wealthy elitist warmongers that many have chosen to rule us have done a worst than poor job of doing it, We the People must begin to create a system where those candidates of lesser means, are given equal or preference over those with “more money than brains.”

Money doesn’t make for an exceptional representative of the people.


I love Hedges, but every time I read his stuff now I want to commit suicide. I’m being facetious, but it is depressing AND true. I’ve stated many times before that if I and my wife were younger (and her in better health) I would move in a fucking heartbeat. The US after WWII was looked up to by the rest of the world, even the losers of the war. We had the most prosperous and large middle class after the war all the way up to the late 70’s. Look where we are now, and worse yet where we’re going in the future. If my future is fucking Joe Biden, then pass me the gun or opiates right now.


Nice thought but unsupported by all available evidence.

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Your first and last sentences tie together too well.

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Anytime EGO is involved it DOES affect both the thought process and the message. He sure has changed a lot in 12 years, but I suppose we all have.

Please don’t shoot yourself or overdose Pal.

Divorce yourself from the deviously destructive Duopoly, spend some time using your knowledge of the past to enroll others to do the same.

Then perhaps if enough of us find a commonality of concerns, we can all support the best third party and be happy with ourselves that we were enlightened enough to do so.

And have no regrets whatsoever that we didn’t involve ourselves in supporting evil even one more time in our lives.

Sound smart or not?


Quantum physics …


True! Especially so if Trump is the POTUS again in 2020. Trump already has called the dems. “a mob” and let me ask: how long before he calls progressives unpatriotic or worse? The fascists hate progressives and people that do not buy their BS like Hedges.

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I’m just finishing Michael Parenti’s 2010 book, “The Profit Pathology and Other Indecencies.” Very quick read: short, cogent, and insightful. Backs up your comments, too.


He is not the alpha, but the omega of a soulless social order

There will be plenty of liberal, progressive, people of character to choose from on the dem. and Green Party’s. But if with those options, Trump somehow wins, where to then?