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Creepy Pharma Bro Just Got Owned


Creepy Pharma Bro Just Got Owned

Oh sweet justice: Martin Shkreli, loathsome poster boy for big pharma greed after he upped the price of an infection-fighting drug vital to HIV and cancer patients from $13.50 to $750 - a hike of 5,550% - just got his avaricious head handed to him by another pharma CEO and actual human being who decided to "take a stand" and offer the same drug for a buck. Also Bernie Sanders rejected Shkreli's donation and gave it to a clinic. Humanity 1. Soulless capitalism 0.


Paybacks are a bitch. This soulless punk,Shkreli, must have been deprived of mothers' breast milk or something, to have "developed" into such a heartless bastard. May he always suckle from the vine of the very fruit he sows. And you go, Bernie. That's doing the truly right thing.


I hope his face is red, of course not from embarrassment, but from the thousand tiny cuts he psychically earned from the 'common' folks for his asshole ways.


Shrekli? Is this new USAian slang for shit? I had never heard it before.


There are no words in my limited vocabulary to describe Martin Shkreli, he of the price gouging and further despicable behaviour.

However, I do know how to refer to Mark Baum, the gentleman who has decided to make this vital drug (albeit with a limited market) available for a greatly reduced price. Beyond any doubt, Mr. Baum is a mensch.

Edited by wb on Oct. 30, 2015: - After reading Imprimis Pharmaceuticals' website, it is clear that the company's management, staff, board and shareholders deserve equal praise. Imprimis is an all-around decent outfit!


So Capitalism worked. When the price for option A got to high, another competitor stepped in with option B at a more reasonable price. Sounds like that supply-demand rule that progressives like to ignore.


That's not capitalism, that's just competition. (Economic) competition is making money by doing something "better" than someone else. Capitalism is making money by already having money.


No, that's called noblesse oblige, a medieval concept the rest of the developed world with price control on drugs doesn't need. It also doesn't speak to the hordes of other overpriced drugs that don't have warm hearted nobles rushing in to price lower.


If I had the Capital I would print Martin Shkreli's face on massive amounts of toilet tissue for sale cheap- And I bet there would be plenty of buyers...Dart boards and target range bulls eyes would come later....
What an insufferable piece of shit this punk is-
And, Mark Baum, you are the modern day equivalent of one Jonas Salk, upon inventing the Polio Vaccine and asked by Edward R. Murrow about A patent for the vaccine said:
“There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”


Probably not. Judging by his reported behavior, he's a psychopath. He is a successful power-seeker, has a big ego, gets enraged when thwarted, and exploits (or in this case tried to exploit) other people without hesitation or remorse (i.e. has no conscience at all).

Contrast his behavior with that of the Jewish man who owns the other pharm company: a mensch.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Martin Shkreli has to climb up to reach bottom he is such a low life.


Yes Seatower, he started at the bottom and went DOWN-