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Cretins In Classrooms: Cop Fired For Not Following Proper Procedure When He Body-Slammed, Beat Up And Heaved Across Room Newly Orphaned 16-Year-Old Girl


Cretins In Classrooms: Cop Fired For Not Following Proper Procedure When He Body-Slammed, Beat Up And Heaved Across Room Newly Orphaned 16-Year-Old Girl

South Carolina Deputy Ben Fields, the 300-pound uniformed thug known as "Officer Slam" last seen hurling a high-school student across the classroom because she failed to get off her cell phone, has been fired because he "did not follow proper procedure." Many who saw the jaw-dropping video of Fields' assault think he should also be arrested, convicted and taken far away from any classroom. As should, probably, all the other cops in schools teaching kids nice and early just who is - the state - and isn't - them - in control. Clearly, Fields' victim really needs that lesson: Her mom just died, and she's in foster care.


People make an issue about her striking the officer (she didn't punch him, she hit at his arm which was choking her and wrenching her up and backwards by pulling at her neck. Then he throws her backwards in what looks like on her head and neck since she was still entangled in the chair. He threw her back and down while still in the chair and they lifted her and threw her across the room.

The kid is lucky the bastard didn't literally break her neck when she hit the floor while still tangled in the chair. That was seriously f'd up. The whole thing was f'd but throwing her across the room was for what reason? You bet he should be fired and now arrested for assault and battery. Then sued.

A uniform does not allow you to commit the same crimes that you arrest other people for.


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What is really upsetting to me is that the teacher present and the assistant principal apparently approved of the officers action. I am glad the officer was fired. Now fire the teacher and the principal who should have intervened. Make our schools safe.


This is the lesson to be learned from this: You must be rational at all times, at any age. It is important to the state that cops raping children, beating children, stealing from the community is what the state does and everyone needs to be rational about their problems but only because the state cant afford two or more people being irrational. In a few years, the populace will look away when a cop killsa child. It just takes time and slight legalizations here and there to make it happen. In the '80s, there would have been an actual public outcry, in the 1800's the cop would have been either beaten or put in jail if not killed themselves. Now, in the Orwellian society, war is peace, ignorance is strength, and cops can rape children privately and beat them publicly. White racsists love this stuff like Gingrich and Trump who obviously have made their thoughts known. And considering the last changes of voting districts by GOP over the past few years guarenteeing the next president will be Republican, though having the lowest popualr vote, it is obvious that cops killing and beating children will be acceptable, period...how is it not now is the question.


I attended high school long ago in the 1960s in St. Louis County. One of the teachers in my school committed a similar assault on a boy in one of my classes, knocking him from his chair hard enough to fling his glasses across the room. When the boy tried to leave the room the teacher dragged him back by his ear. Nothing happened to this teacher. Honestly the boy in question had done absolutely nothing. Another guy was banging his heels on his desk and making noise. The level of cruelty, racism, authoritarianism in US high schools is appalling. They are not schools so much as jail like holding pens.


Republicans at the debates seemed to be cheering for the cop.


Abby is absolutely right: Get the cops OUT OF THE SCHOOLS.

Please contact your local school board and request all policies, and all reports, on cops in schools. Follow up!


What is not discussed Wereflea are the laws that both criminalizes parents who do not comply with school attendance of minors as well as criminalizing any and all behaviors determined to be punishable offenses where students might be charged with depending on little more than the choice of teachers and administrators in school systems. South Carolina is hardly the only state where such legislative actions have been taken. Unfortunately, such actions happen daily in states whose legislatures have criminalized both parent and student behavior in schools. The students once arrested then acquire a criminal record as do parents charged with truancy violations in the states that have such laws. Such is the result of the typically touted "local
control" which may be different and/or enforcement by state or district law and code.


Great point. It just illustrates that we will spend $100 dollars on enhancing control measures but only $1 on making those control measures unnecessary. It is noteworthy that fascistic states are obsessed with authority maintaining strict control of the society. There were no protests in Nazi Germany. There were no debates, discussions, opposition nor argument. Control by authority was absolute. Even petty officials like a postal worker or a train conductor were viewed as authority and expected to be obeyed. This school or the teacher might have a strict policy of no tolerance for disobedience but it dehumanizes people and tries to fit everyone in a very restrictive box with no flexibility.

The girl had only recently lost her mother and was dealing with being in foster care. At 16 that is a very rough time of things in general much less facing the world as an orphan. What the hell was wrong with that teacher?

A totalitarian mentality of dominant control based on HIS authority. She disobeyed and that must not stand according to him. The fact that texting is silent reflects his incompetent handling of the situation. The fact that the child had recently become orphaned was immaterial to his rules.

You can understand the kid acting up because of her depression and confusion of her mother's death as well a natural fear for her future. I also think that after Sandra Bland's death which happened around the time of her mother's death may have played a part in her disobedience. Yes the child pushed it but the adults pushed it far worse. Our society is becoming authoritarian even at the local level. Whether this incident at the school is due to local control or a general trend in a general authoritarian view overtaking our total surveillance/censorship prone society I can't say.

But this incident is scary for us all. Doesn't the fact that this was a kid even matter anymore? Does anyone know if the child was undergoing therapy after her mother's death? I don't mean the perfunctory foster care social worker talk but ongoing psychological therapy by a trained counselor?

This is one of the ways that corrupt lobbyists and politicians that continually expand a hugely overblown military budget are robbing the public of the benefits of their tax money and draining society of its strength - a happy and free people. No money for counseling, for therapy, for anything that people need but anything and everything that military contractors need.

It is just so outrageous that he would be so violent simply because she disobeyed! She actually wasn't disturbing the class by silent texting either. The adults blew it and luckily the incident was videoed.

It is also noteworthy that the classmate who videoed the incident was arrested as well. Think about that and the words... obedience to authority. The cop knew he had f'd up and tried to avoid the aftermath. What a creep.


My wife is 5'4" and weighs about 110 lbs. She is a high school science teacher whose students are often way taller and and heavier than she is. She has yet to call a cop for student non-compliance for cell phones or whatever and she has been teaching for 24 years. She can cow a 6'5" basket ball player in a heartbeat. This storm trooper was more than strong enough to pick up or slide the student and chair out the door into the hall without violence. What a coward. What a POS.


Absolutely. What he did was truly reckless and could have severely injured the girl. Not only throwing backwards while she was still in her seat (which meant she would land on her head and neck but to immediately lift her and throw her ... that is so f'n dangerous. Ask any football coach about head and neck injuries and.. oh wait... he was a football coach and knew very well about those types of injuries didn't he?

Point of fact, all the kid's in that class should receive counseling after watching this and the girl should sue the bastard (and the school).


Some perspective from a Canadian who spends a lot of time in the U.S:


Canada ain't no utopia but shit god damn. Y'all have a culture of fear and "see something say something" suspiciousness so palpable it's gross. There can't ever have been a society so afraid of itself.


I was a mouthy kid in elementary, got slapped by a substitute teacher. I didn't say anything to anybody, but somebody reported her and she was fired.


in the 1960's (meant to say)


The teacher could have asked to see her after class and inquired as to why she was texting during class, and explained that it made it difficult for him to teach. Then worked out a plan for her to make up the work missed. But that's too much investment...I guess.


School is supposed to be a joyful experience when young people get the time to explore their universe and learn skills they can use the rest of their life. How in the world has it been turned into a frightening or boring chore to be endured in the company of people you are intimidated by, bullied, or attacked? I don't get it. WTF is wrong with people.


Steroids, duh.


From: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/10/28/black-american-seeks-asylum-in-canada-over-police-brutality.html

QUOTE: Black American Seeks Asylum in Canada Over Police Brutality
Kyle Canty says blacks are ‘being exterminated at an alarming rate’ and that he’ll only be safe north of the border.
It has been nearly two months since he crossed the border into Canada, fleeing the discrimination and state violence plaguing his home country.

In seeking refugee status before Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board in Vancouver, Kyle Lydell Canty argued that belongs to a vulnerable minority that is “being exterminated at an alarming rate” in his homeland.

“I’m in fear of my life because I’m black,” Canty, 30, told the board during his hearing on Oct. 23, where he cited the killings of Michael Brown in Missouri and Eric Garner in New York. “This is a well-founded fear.”

I do not think, that he has much of a chance for two reasons:
- There is still a lot of tolerance for US misdoings in Canada
- It would open flood gates, maybe not quite as bad as in Europe

As a consequence his life will be so much harder, once he is returned here.


I think this is brilliant if it is being done to make a statement and call attention to the issue.

I think it is opportunistic and ridiculous if it was serious, especially since he could simply drive across the border and in light of the refugee crisis in Syria. Some people have no conscience or sense.

But if he is doing this to make a point... I think it was brilliant and applaud his verve and media savvy. His is an acute understanding of how the media works. Bravo! Some people have a lot on the ball and made his viewpoint heard quite efficiently.