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Cries of Betrayal, Calls to Organize as Obama Aproves Arctic Drilling


But, but, wait! Don’t you understand that now Øbama will be able to give short talks at oil company dinners, and at bankster dinners on, “How I saved the Arctic from eco-protection and opened the way for Shell’s exploitation.”

  • Guaranteed $200,000 minimum per speech, plus transport and expenses.
  • Such a deal he couldn’t refuse!
  • Baarrrff! (excuse me)


Roth$child Dutch $hell aways gets its well.


Obama has an energy policy (all of the above) but no climate change policy.


Recall also that during his first week in office Obama met secretly with the infamous Congressman turned drug lobbyist BillyTauzin to hand him the keys to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) thereby assuring that the suggestion of negotiating drug prices would be a non starter.

The ACA text forbidding drug price negotiation has been included in Obama’s TPP and TTIP to assure that none of the signatory nations will be able to negotiate drug prices.


How Clintonesque! Using your lame duck last two years to feather your nest.
The Slickster sold the nation out in his lame duck session with financial deregulation. He caused the banking and real estate bubble that nearly brought down the world economy in 2007.
Stand back bitches! The Obomber will not be outdone! He’s not interested in crashing the ecomony. Oh no no no. He’s going for the brass ring! He wants to destroy the whole planet!
Bernie Sanders is the only candidate on either side that has mentioned climate change. One more corporate presidency and the earth may start hearing the fat lady singing. Of course, thanks to the Obomber we are already hearing her backstage clearing her throat.
Better tell your grandchildren to start investing in beach front property, in Kentucky.


This is seriously scary. What can we do, in concrete terms, to help stop this? How can we get involved? I’m new to Common Dreams and would like to take action but am not sure how.


Obama is serving the people who created him, Big Business.
If he didn’t serve Big Business, he would be taken down as fast as he was lifted up. What this country needs is a new government, that serves all the people.


maybe be hired by said company?


Minitrue: Barry earned that money back when he appointed Sally Jewell to take over from the odious Salazar, and it’s already been deposited into his fund.

The bigger problem is quite a number of people in ranks, like the head of the Sierra Club, seem to be in on this corruption. It’s the problem with money and charity, eventually the professionals running any non-profit turn it into an organ for their own profit. It is up the the grass roots to keep these organs clean by not throwing money at them, but rather by participating in their governance.

Shell won’t give a damn if we call on a boycott of Shell, but you can bet REI, Serria Club, etc; will respond, their professional managers use a different kind of fraud to make money, one more sensitive to our inputs.

Obama’s Approval of Arctic Oil Drilling is a Bitter Betrayal
Bill McKibben: Clinton Halfway There on Climate

Betrayal? Hell no! This is just the same ol same ol from the con man. To call this betrayal by anyone, means they have been very naïve for the last 8 years.


Surely, that’s an enlightened way of looking at serious problems and bound to result in an outcome we can all support. Sounds like what you advocate is a pox on all our houses in order to punish the bad guys. This point of view needs to be very transitory as it is generally counter-productive, no?


If that is those are the only things that O’Malley would do about climate change … that isn’t much. Aggressive action to limit greenhouse gases? What exactly? Or even how? How about a carbon tax? Expanding rules …current rules? That are weak and ineffectual…those rules? Zero tolerance for methane leaks… that isn’t saying that he’d stop the burning of methane from stacks but hopefully that is included. Methane ejects from wells like an explosion capping that ‘blow’ is difficult as is containerizing and transporting the methane… sounds good if it can be done well at the wellhead. Setting higher efficiency standards for new buildings? How about a project or initiative to convert existing roofs and buildings to solar particularly in the southwest? Mr. O’Malley’s climate change is pretty lightweight to be honest about it.

He isn’t proposing anything new or innovative either. What it does show is that he really doesn’t have a good grasp of the issue and what is needed to mitigate the worst of climate change.


When do you say who you will vote for hot topic? Yeah we know you don’t want people to vote for Saunders … so then who? Who should we vote for? Hillary? The Repubs?

You rant and and rant but you never offer any grown up alternatives for people who want change and oh BTW… you do know that someone WILL get elected don’t you? Somebody!

Who do you think should be elected instead of Saunders? Hillary? Or the repubs? Maybe Jeb? Lol

Tell us … inform us hot topic… clarify things a bit.

Who should we vote for hottopic?


jem1711ima -
There is another aspect that isn’t being considered much although scientists are very worried about it. That is whether or not Obama and other world leaders (governments) have already committed to relying on risky geoengineering gambles in the future to mitigate global warming.

The fossil fuel industry would love to keep drilling, using, selling, consuming oil/gas and coal like it always has. A geoengineering scheme like spreading particulates in the upper atmosphere to reflect back sunlight thus reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth as opposed to curing the problem of excess heat production (crops would get less sun btw) is fine with them. Business as usual as always.

What is wrong with this man? He like a lot of those in the corporate class, thinks profits are the only good. Shell would make a lot of money selling Chukchi Sea oil to Asia… that is where the oil would go by the way. Profits uber alles? Profits are profits. What could be wrong with greater profits

New Zealand was the locale for a famous post nuclear war novel called “On The Beach”.

Now it might be the locale for an after climate change story this time around.


A few years ago, some pundit was interviewing one of the very successful billionaires, who proudly explained how to buy up companies, trash their retirement funds, dismantle and sell the hardware and move on to do it again. He bragged about a lot of things that trashed the environment, but gave him enormous profits.

  • Finally, the pundit asked him, "But what about your children? What is being left for them?
  • He looked right into the camera and said, “Fuck 'em! Let 'em get it the same way I did.”
  • Somehow, I think that pretty well sums it up.


O’Malley may be talking an environmentalist game now, but when he first ran for Governor he revived what had been a “dead” environmentally ruinous, unneeded, highway project, killed by his Democratic predecessor. Now MD 200, it was called the “Intercounty Connector” between I-270 and I-95 in upper Mongomery and Prince George’s Counties. Not only was it built through wetlands, and increases exurban sprawl, it is elitist, because it is an E-Z Pass only toll road. So, no, like his phony stand for people of color after his mass-arrest “zero tolerance” policing policy as Mayor of Baltimore, his actions as a governor belie his stated stand on the environment. Like most of 'em, he just talks a good game.


Business as usual in a dying empire.

As to throwing all his weight behind alternative energy research and implementation, even in his last hours, no such luck.

As a country, we have failed to see that our consumption and lifestyles (for the most part) have created many of the environmental problems we are now seeing playing out.

As to what to do? Live simply and support leadership that understands what that means for our future as a species. Not to mention for the continued existence of other lifeforms that are being sacrificed to our hubris.


I think another descriptive choice would be : parasitic!


In the race for what’s left, all areas are fair game. Brand Obama is loyal to the corporate donor class, this move was easily seen by anyone who cared to look. Why do you think the likes of Ralph Nader and Chris Hedges were so vocal in their warnings about Obama back in 2007 and 2008? It’s only a “betrayal” for those who chose to see only what they wanted see (and hear).


Agree that this is certainly no surprise. But it is, like, what, the millionth betrayal? So, technically… :O)