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Crime Can Pay if It’s Big Enough


Crime Can Pay if It’s Big Enough

Jim Hightower

Wow, $5 billion.

That’s the stunning amount Goldman Sachs has agreed to pay to settle federal criminal charges over its shameful financial scams, which helped wreck America’s economy in 2008. That’s a lot of gold, even for Goldman.

Yet the Wall Street powerhouse says it’s “pleased” to swallow this sour slug of medicine. Is that because its executives are contrite? Oh, come on — banksters don’t do contrite.


$17 per capita for financial chicanery. USA! USA! USA!


Crime has paid handsomely for the Clinton crime family - Obama waits for his million $ "speaking" fees.......and Hillary salivates, dreaming of even more.......

The "deal" to fine Goldman $5.1 billion to settle accusations of wrongdoing before the financial crisis is a fraud! The Obama "Justice" Department in action - screwing the little guy and gal to service the big bank/Wall Street parasite donors! Clinton-Obama-Hillary, the triumvirate for the 1%!

"Buried in the fine print are provisions that allow Goldman to pay hundreds of millions of dollars less — perhaps as much as $1 billion less — than that headline figure. And that is before the tax benefits of the deal are included.

The bank will be able to reduce its bill substantially through a combination of government incentives and tax credits. For example, the settlement calls for Goldman to spend $240 million on affordable housing. But a chart attached to the settlement explains that the bank will have to pay at most only 30 percent of that money to fulfill the deal. That is because it will receive a particularly large credit for each dollar it spends on affordable housing".

The truth of Obama's DOJ "deals" is that bankers and BP and other criinals will get to deduct the fines from their taxes! with NO actual person held accountable! THAT collusion is the Democratic Party today - a wholly-owned subsiduiary of great wealth and power! For more of the same vote Hillary!


I just checked the Escobar link... amazingly astute of him to use the ATHENA reference since she is the goddess sprung from daddy Zeus' head who DENIES having been born of a mother.

In the past, when the usual posters who did (and do) their best to insist that gender is irrelevant (regardless of the FACT that no nation is yet to witness true parity in terms of representing both genders equally in ALL chambers of power from commerce to religion to academe to government) brought forth THAT testament, I'd counter it with the understanding that male and female prototypes take their essences from mythological archetypes.

Whille it is MARS, a "man's man" god of war who paves the way to all forms of militarism and conquests born of aggression... there is a female archetype that resonates WITH war and Patriarchy. That archetype is Athena and I have patiently explained that while MOST women don't identify with (or embrace) this macho archetype, the women who have the type of blood-thirsty ambition (a la Lady Macbeth) that can readily identify with patriarchy and its well-oiled armed forces... will be the ones who make it to the top of the Mars-ruled hierarchy of Power.

Hillary qualifies. As do: Madeleine Albright, Condi Rice, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, Maggie Thatcher, and others.

There are 11 other archetypes, 10 other than Mars-Aries and Athena.

One of the reasons I contest the liberal commandeering of the term "WE" is that it ONLY gives voice to these pro-war expressions and those who identify with them.

At best, that's 10-12% of the population.


Holy horoscopes, Sioux. I hope you didn't pull a muscle reaching from Hightower's article to your rant.


Blankfein, of course, is an investor in Chelsea Clinton's husband's hedge fund.