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Crime Isn’t Out of Control. But the White House Wants You to Think It Is


Crime Isn’t Out of Control. But the White House Wants You to Think It Is.

Inimai Chettiar, Ames Grawert

In his first address to Congress on Tuesday night, President Trump once more painted a bleak picture of a country besieged by crime, drugs and terrorism. The unexpectedly positive tone he used shouldn’t obscure the falsehoods at the heart of his rhetoric.

Drugs “pour in at a now unprecedented rate” across our borders, the president said, and “criminal cartels have spread across our nation.” Trump pledged to stop the country’s “terrible drug epidemic,” return order to our “neglected inner cities” and address “an environment of lawless chaos.”


Crime is out of control, all right. The problem is, that applies especially to this cabinet.


The problem is that the powerful, rich and privileged, like this cabinet, will never be convicted or even charged for a crime. It was clear from the long press briefing this week that our corporate/ msm loves this latest version of government by the elite. The press didn't press on any fluffy answer nor challenge his use of cherry picked statistics.


I have seen nothing to indicate that things will improve for the 90% that actually pays taxes and abide by the law, and lord help you if you found yourself facing charges even if they are wrong. The military budget was NOT cut by Obama as Trump has indicated, in fact the only time the military budget was larger was during the last phases of WW II, adjusted for inflation. The US spends more for the military than the next eight countries COMBINED and that includes China and Russia. Crime is at historic lows except for some inner big cities such as Detroit, New Orleans and Chicago which is not even in the top 10. So if lying Trump would stop lying and get his facts right we all wouldn't have to be alarmed by his nonsense on a daily basis.


Had the corporations and politicians they own not spent the past four decades decriminalizing white collar crime, Washington DC would today have the highest crime rate in the WORLD, with New York City a close second.


A vital fact that needs to be heard!


We live now, (and it sure didn't start with Trump's presidency), in the exact opposite era of a President who actually cared for the people in his Country, when he advised the Nation that "...the only thing we have to fear is Fear Itself."


White collar crime has increased many fold.

Bank fraudsters caused the mortgage crisis economic meltdown which destroyed the lives of millions. None of the fraudsters are in prison except for Bernie Madoff. And Bernie Madoff is only in prison because he defrauded millionaires.

War profiteering in Iraq wasn't even taken seriously. War profiteering continues in Afghanistan.

Only blue collar crime is punished.


"Some men rob you with a six gun, others rob you with a fountain pen" - Woody Guthrie

Ever since Saint Ron's revolution some men legally rob you with pens AND computers.


ICE agents are breaking the law daily.


Yes, remember that there is a difference between the law and justice. Since Ronnie Rayguns, the corporatist banksters have been committing unlimited crimes against the American people.