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'Crimes Against Humanity': Inspector General's Report Reveals Top DOJ Officials Drove Family Separation Policy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/07/crimes-against-humanity-inspector-generals-report-reveals-top-doj-officials-drove

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it is vile that our officials failed to stop this. No indictments, not even impeachment for it. These are crimes against humanity.

I agree, but this not new, these horrible, evil and horrendous crimes with no accountability are the result of Amerikan war criminals, like LBJ; Kissinger; Bush; Obama and too many more to list here not being indicted for their war crimes.

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“If Trump wins a second term expect more heartless, cruel, barbaric behavior towards infants and children,” tweeted Susan Church, an immigration attorney in Massachusetts. “He only stopped the first time because it affected his poll numbers.”

One in millions of reasons why Trump must not remain in power. The only way to make him disappear is to make sure he loses this election.

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This makes the central conspiracy theory of Q ANON that Trump is saving the trafficked children of the world from the Jeffrey Epstein class of oligarchs all the more perverse… Laughing this off will not make the political inroads of some of the most cynical political opportunists in history go away today…

Here is how the sordid fantasies of Q ANON have made inroads into rural Oregon and the rest of the nation (the MAGA NATIONALIST cult camouflaged as Steve Bannon’s cultivated base of Trumplicans who’ve taken hold of GOP) where long overlooked GOP candidates are reviving their election fortunes and gaining a base by glomming on to Q ANON

Bill Berkowitz at buzzflash has traced the political movement to the gamer community so do check out these examples of useful journalism compared with the MSM Weapons of Mass Distraction. While young muck raker with a name out of a Pynchon novel, Tess Riski has added the Willamette Week’s current cover story on the rally held by a relatively mainstream GOP candidate named Jo Rae Perkins in Keizer, Ore who has glommed on to the central conspiracy, mastered the cult’s media and ritualistic symbology and after losing two previous lower-level elections without aid of a cult has now raised her numbers against seated Senator Jeff Merkley.

That would be the same Jr Senator Jeff Merkley who sat beside Prof Dr Senator Elizabeth Warren in the summer of 2016’s televised Senate Banking Committee Hearings (the TV ratings in spud land showed the Trump Campaign Road Show sweeping all captivated eyeballs and ears and sold to the advertisers who own our air waves…hint: they ain’t Mom and Pop businesses on Main Street) when they grilled the CEO\CHAIRMAN of WELLS FARGO John Stumpf and then his successor CEO Tim Sloan on the fraudulent business modeling and criminal stock value boosting that neither were criminally prosecuted for while pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars in personal compensation with no shareholder revolt.

That is revolting and we don’t need any Dem willing to stand up to the Corporate Caliphate to be taken down by another band of loons filling the political vacuum left by an extremist GOP and a too-often lesser of two evils crony corrupt DNC elite of corporatists. This political vacuum is as bad as when the disciples of the Rajneesh took over entire Oregon towns and county political systems with their cult:




Or the coddling by police of such cults and agents provocateur as the PROUD BOYS and PATRIOT PRAYER that has facilitated the White House strategy to spread fear and calumny of the very anti-fascist protesters targeted for violence by these cults:


Note the absence of journalistic sourcing of the academic experts on Cult Formation and Cult Dynamics like Richard Ofshe, the scholar and expert witness who helped break up the SYNANON cult whose indoctrination tactics have been mainstreamed into the unregulated REHAB industry as we’ve learned in the ICIJ non-profit investigative journalism series broadcast via REVEAL.

Richard Ofshe, Professor Emeritus of Social Psychology at U.C.-Berkeley hasn’t been sourced despite his experience working with the investigative journalists of the 1960’s who took to court various cases against SYNANON (after they attempted to murder the son of bandleader Stan Kenton who had a rattlesnake placed in his mail-box by disciples of the cult of SYNANON leader Chuck Dederich) and also serving as an expert witness on cases involving the UNIFICATION CHURCH and cult leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon (dba THE HOLY FATHER) whose disciples were known as 'MOONIES.’

Prof Dr Ofshe was mentored at U.C.-Berkeley by the now deceased Chief Academic scholar on modern cult formation and dynamics the late Prof Dr Margaret Singer. Those still working in the field that she has mentored are also rarely sourced outside of court proceedings. What about deepening the understanding of the U.S. body politic in the face of clear and present danger?

Mitch Ritter (a former student of Ofshe’s at U.C.-Berkeley)
Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Atonement Seekers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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“We need to take away children.”

Any system that embodies such cruelty, both to parents and kids, AND TO US, who have to witness and “tolerate” such ILLEGAL abuse by “our” Government Officials, MUST BE ENDED. Immigration was PURPOSELY channeled to cross our southwestern deserts, just so that incoming immigrants would DIE on that crossing… and it happens now by the THOUSANDS every year. If all Americans knew that, they’d have a lot less trouble believing that “our” officials are now kidnapping their kids!

The United Nations needs to take this up. There is no doubt that Jeff Sessions committed crimes against humanity, and Nielsen is culpable also–though to a lesser extent. A trial in the Hague would embarrass the USA, but it would demonstrate the will to do the right thing.