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Crimes and Punishments

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/05/crimes-and-punishments

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Not to mention that the “pro-life” cult continues to be solidly behind Trump and the GOP and always will be, no matter how many people they injure and kill.


Criminal justice for him would look like a guillotine and a head in a basket.


Pardons or no pardons, Tweetle-Dumb, Giuli-Loony and Barr-Barr have no more to fear from Biden & P’Loser than Cheney, Haspel, Prince and Yoo had to fear from O’Bummer & P’Loser.

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Poetic justice would have the SDNY prosecutor require the Secret Service to deliver Trump for arrest in NY the minute Biden is taking his oath in DC.

And can someone with a legal mind explain to me how Trump and the Justice Dept. get to overrule past SC decisions about the method used for the death penalty?


Donald Trump: The Face of a Criminal, the Face of the US Authoritarian Empire, a threat to the planet’s survival…a criminal, grifter and con-artist.