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Crimes of the War on Terror: Should George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Others Be Jailed?


Crimes of the War on Terror: Should George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Others Be Jailed?

Rebecca Gordon

"The cold was terrible but the screams were worse," Sara Mendez told the BBC. "The screams of those who were being tortured were the first thing you heard and they made you shiver. That's why there was a radio blasting day and night."


Who cares about these guys? Hillary Clinton is far more evil!


I think you missed my sarcasm. The Bernie-bots have heaped far more vitriol on Clinton than they ever did on Bush and Cheney and Condi combined.


Many "Bernie-bots" WERE working against the Dubya regime until the DNC's leading corporate money magnets (Obamas and Clintons) carried the Dubya regime's torch forward. The priority and focus needed to shift to the prevent further damage.


The American way is to hang them first and then give them a fair trial in a sanctioned kangaroo court.

Oh wait... These are members of the 1%.
Therefore they should all be given the Presidential Medal of Freedom for unselfishly torturing the scapegoats and for keeping us safe. Long live the Empire! Long Live Queen Hillary!


As Trump has noted, Guantanamo is less than 20% full. Fill it with crooked Congresscritters, Dubya and Obama regime criminals.


Justice would have them "shoed" to death.


I'm generally an opponent of capital punishment. I make one exception, and that is for "leaders" who abuse their power to wage illegal wars of aggression for the purpose of making themselves look "Presidential", or tough, or any other aggressive metaphor you care to use. For lying to take us to illegal, aggressive wars for territory and resources, Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Condi, etc. all, ALL deserve to hang from a noose until dead en mass on the South Lawn of the White House as an example of what happens to those who abuse power for their own selfish purposes.


Quite possibly more evil indeed (and no, I haven't missed your sarcasm, which of course I don't share)

After voting lesser-of-two-evils election after election, the only thing that we have guaranteed is that such evil keeps getting worse and worse, and Hillary Clinton may well represent the culmination of this process, to the point that she may actually be even or maybe worse than the other evil.

When I tell my Democratic friends that I may vote lesser-of-two-evils in this election, I can see the relief in their faces as they learn I won't be voting for Jill Stein. At that point I need to explain to them that lesser-of-two-evils actually means Donald Trump.


This would actually be humorous if it wasn't so sad.


"Boogey men" are created to expand fear beyond what is warranted based on the relative threat.


Compared to being injured or killed by terrorists, you are (statistically) far more likely to commit suicide after being fleeced by corporations and their media and politicians, yet terrorism is spun as a larger than life threat, a boogey man.

Trump is more fascist than Clinton on some issues, Clinton is more fascist than Trump on other issues. To imply that one is far worse than the other is to create a boogey man.

TPP, TTIP and other "trade deals" that actually have little to do with trade and everything to do with regulatory capture are far greater threats to the 99% than the boogeyman issues candidates prefer to prioritize. CEOs whose corporations own the politicians and media promoting such threats to the main street economy and environment are not boogey men. The threat they pose is GREATER than that perceived by most voters. To qualify as boogey men the actual threat would need to be LESS than that perceived by most voters.


I don't think that is what Trump has in mind....


Does that broad brush have any bristles?


True, I'm against the death penalty.....but I think hangings are in order here.


Here, here.


Great comments--but what about the corporate media????---I will give Rachel Maddow some credit though----many many years ago she raised real issues of Obama's drone attacks-yet since then she has been a good corporate media slave!


The Nuremburg War Crimes Trials of the late 1940s established both principles and punishment. Nothing more need be said and therefore this article is simply polywaffle. The above have already been indicted by a Malaysian tribunal and should be brought before the International Criminal Court of Justice to have their guilt or innocence tested properly.


Talk about a mealy mouthed apology for justice. If they are found guilty then they should suffer the consequences of their actions. What's sauce for the goose is also sauce fort he gander. I think Americans and many other peoples around the World are sick and tired of obtusive authors like this one. Sure create questions as to what is true justice. What an absolute crock! We all know what true justice is and it is long past time that it was dispensed. Until that is done, the US is nothing but a degenerate, disgusting society of gross hypocrites. You know it lady and so do I so cut the cr**!


Imagine how the rest of the world would look at the warmonger United States if prosecutors would grow a pair and take care of these problems for ALL of us! As I recall, not many civilians wanted these wars to even start, but you know the Hillary had to promote it as a "chance for business". UGH!


It is now as it was then.

After Ford's Pardon of Nixon the line was that "...no one wants to see the President of the United States go to jail."

No, God Forbid we show the World that we have a Functioning Democracy.