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Criminal Charges on the Way in Flint Water Crisis: Reports



Professional licenses should also be on the line for engineers and such, if professionals can be shown to have neglected due diligence. This needs to be shown coast to coast to educate the elite that their coopting of the commons is coming to an end.


"If you have a duty and you breach that duty, [and] because of the gross negligence of that breach someone died, and you can show the proximate cause of that death reached to the breach, then you can have involuntary manslaughter". This just shows the difference between government and business. In business, when committing "gross negligence [when] someone died", you get off with innocence or an insignificant fine. But in government, when committing "gross negligence [when] someone died", you get off with ... damn ... innocence or an insignificant fine". Well, I guess there isn't much "difference between government and business". At least, though, if you're African American, and "you have a duty and you breach that duty, [and] because of the gross negligence of that breach someone died, and you can show the proximate cause of that death reached to the breach, then you can have". murder. See, it all balances out.


Snyder should be in jail. Period.


It is today as it has always been. Scapegoating the underlings as the real criminals remain free.


I don't see the Big names here where is the Gov, I think the lower folks are being thrown under the bus. Ahh the rule of law/ is that it?


Well the initial report does say "with more charges expected to come."

If this does not go to Snyder's office, and the office of the "emergency manager," it is BULLSHIT.


Give it time folks, it takes time to land the big fish.

This is a good start. get the guy who did the books.

Federal racketeering charges sure has a nice ring to it.

This isn't over by a long shot, it's just getting started.


Keep the pressure on ALEC and those in office that are members of it.


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It takes seconds to break the law, years to bring to justice.
That is Judge Baltasar's comment on the Iraq War Criminals.
Sometimes it takes a lifetime to get them before a court.

Look at Pinochet, repeated indictments over a a decade finally broke him physically.
And still he didn't serve for his crimes.
Hillary's guiding star Kissinger is still invited to DC parties.
And that boy needs to be in jail.


"Keep the pressure on ALEC..."

Thanks for this call to pay attention to "the man behind the curtain," to pay attention to whom the actual "intellectual authors" of these crimes are: The Kochs and others in the looting class, who invest their power and wealth to craft "legal" structures (through ALEC and other organizations) to protect and enhance their power and wealth.

A reminder that unless, and until, we thoroughly disempower the looting class, any individual frontman, bagman or henchman "brought to justice," while possibly just, still serves as a protective distraction while the looting - and the associated ecocide - continue to accelerate.


The top gals (& guys) never say anything directly. Those lower down simply see what's expected, and do it.


Hillary has a 5yr plan to fix the lead in water.What?And I would challenge Sanders on the same thing! There should be action NOW! The state and feds are still arguing over who should pay to fix the problem????????Where is Obama?????? When the banks were in trouble it took three days to give them 600 billion????????Why in 2016 is there lead in the water----this is an issue that was suppose to be fixed back in the 90's-----Ow guess who was the president------the first "black president"and why exactly was he considered the first "black president" because he played the sax and ate ribs. Are we brainwashed or what.

I don't ever hear about the studies that correlated lead to the crime rate---why?????


War criminals too are treated as if above the law - e.g. Kissinger and Nixon, or Tony Blair.
But woe betide the lower level bureaucrat, just carrying out orders.
The Flint disaster was a result of the city's decline as the automotive industry left town, leaving behind massive unemployment. Result being many left town, shops and other businesses also closed or left, and the town's finances were in a mess.
This doesn't excuse the Governor over-riding local democracy so as to cut costs, but it explains why the same risks are faced by very many other communities across the US.
This is not just about water - bad though this is; other forms of infrastructure are also at risk - think bridges, metro systems, airfields, hospitals and schools. Anything which is even partly run or regulated by local, state or federal authorities. Or federal agencies such as the EPA, supposed to protect the environment and likewise the people.
While Washington will spend whatever is needed on drones and so-called 'security', it will cut and cut again where infrastructure and welfare are seriously at risk.
I write this in England where cuts in state services are the order of the day, while government ministers are, in Peter Mandelson's words, "intensely relaxed about the filthy rich". Billions or trillions are siphoned off into British and other offshore tax havens, the domicile of shell companies, exempt from taxation. And the filthy rich have a very good friend in the Chancellor of the Exchequer who has halved the number of Inland Revenue staff working to expose tax avoidance schemes.
Flint's contaminated water supplies and the terrible and irreversible harm done to so very many children: this is the canary in the mine, a warning to all.
Capitalism kills - in many ways.


I live an hour from Flint. Those charged with very small crimes have little power in the Snyder Administration. They will NEVER go after those who are cronies of his & really responsible for the poisoning. BTW, the Michigan Republican Attorney General prosecuting these guys will be running for governor in 3 years when Snyder's 2nd term ends. Michigan has become another Mississippi. Since Snyder took office (he's the ex-CEO of Gateway), my state has become a mess.