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Criminal Justice Reform Shouldn't End With Release


Criminal Justice Reform Shouldn't End With Release

Cherrie Bucknor

Last Monday, President Obama commuted the sentences of 46 non-violent drug offenders. While doing so, he highlighted what he believed to be the harsh sentencing guidelines that kept these men and women in prison.


My professional statistical interpretation of the incarceration chart is that we fucked the goose starting in the '80s.


Another glib one liner that works as disinformation in how it conflates what entities like Corrections Corp. of America manage to finagle through congress via “generous campaign contributions” with what the public supposedly wants?

That’s like saying the public, as a UNIFIED homogenous whole wanted a Draconian police state.

The phrase: Cui Bono asks who benefits from policies.

When the answers favor a massive criminal injustice system that employs ever-increasing numbers of in-uniform automatons who answer to their superiors in a top-down system of dominance (patriarchy’s preferred Order and natural antithesis TO Democracy), THAT is hardly any indication of public support.

It’s an order imposed through coercion, a legal system no longer answerable to established law or The People, and massive campaigns of propaganda.

Posters like yourself who post “first up” and generally push these sorts of “one size fits all” frames appear to be hired for the purpose of spouting The Necessary Talking Points.


Hate to differ, but the US population voted by big landslide majorities in 1968 and again in 1980 for candidates whose coded messages certainly did signify their intention to clamp down on the Blacks. Sure the Corrections Corporation of America benefits from incarcerating all these prisoners, but so does every other corporation in America benefit from the mass suppression of the foremost liberal constituency in our polity.
This is typical of Fascists; in Europe it was Jews and Roma. In the USA Blacks.