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'Criminal Negligence': Trump Officials Ignored Company's Offer to Make 7 Million N95 Masks Per Month in Early Days of Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/10/criminal-negligence-trump-officials-ignored-companys-offer-make-7-million-n95-masks


Maybe it’s a good time to stop voting for psychopaths. We blew a second chance this cycle. Now we’re once again left with Psycho A versus Psycho B.

On this issue specifically, it would be nice to have an actual impeachment on the actual legion of crimes committed by the Trump Mobsters of Mediocrity.


It certainly seems like Trump & Co. are trying to kill us off. There is a population problem, you know. We ‘little people’ are just gumming up the works, with our demands to be treated humanely.


There’s a fresh report on this, with horrifying details of hell’s bureacracy, from The Intercept:

Though officially tasked with quickly mobilizing a national response to public health crises, [Robert] Kadlec, the assistant secretary for preparedness and response and formerly Bright’s boss, is described in the report as a petty tyrant who ignored, mocked, and thwarted Bright’s repeated efforts to address the imminent shortage of masks and other personal protective equipment in January and February, as the virus began spreading across the country.

In a lengthy, detailed account that reads like a script from a horror movie and will likely earn Kadlec the lasting enmity of everyone who has lost a front-line worker to the virus, Bright lays out a series of unsuccessful and increasingly desperate attempts to push Kadlec and HHS Secretary Alex Azar to recognize and address the looming shortage of personal protective equipment. The attempts to call attention to the crisis began in mid-January, when Bright, a virologist who has spent decades in government preparing for public health emergencies, called for a senior-level meeting to coordinate the response to the coming pandemic.

Whistleblower Details How Trump’s Bureaucrats Refused to Secure N95 Masks as Pandemic Loomed
by Sharon Lerner


Criminal Negligence of this magnitude demands immediate and decisive action by all lawmakers.

Sweeping this under the rug of corruption will only cause the country a higher cleaning bill later.

For all of Pelosi’s and Schumer’s bluster, they are failing all Americans and should resign and let someone willing to really fight for justice for the 80,000 who died in vain.


Even if this incredible negligence is merely supremely stupid, rather than criminally minded, Trump and his minions have betrayed the people regularly since taking office. They have been held accountable for nothing. The Dismal Dollar Drenched Dems will not make a fuss about this.


Very close to 80K this morning, according to Covidly. We’ll pass 80K today.

USA COVID-19 stats as of Sunday, May 10, 8:00 AM
79,554 deaths / 1,335,219 cases = 5.96% case fatality, 24 per 100,000 residents
One of every 4,161 residents of USA have perished.


Drone. The problem is too many people in Amerika, like many of my relatives, are political psychopaths who are Trump lovers.


Sure, but who is going to do anything about it?


trump: We have relaxed all environmental protection. Companies don’t have to comply to all those silly regulations and, on top of that, we are conquering this little virus. We are winning.
Mother Nature: Hold my beer.


“I don’t even have words to describe how poorly ⁦Donald Trump has handled this crisis,” wrote Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wisc.) in response to the story.

Neither do I ! Trump as a follower of Norman Vincent Peale who wrote the book: THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING is a positive spinning psychopath who does bad things and then uses positive thinking as a way to exonerate himself!


There must be a criminal lawsuit brought against the Trump administration for knowingly causing the deaths of doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and the thousands who have perished as a result. Trump and company have opportunistically manipulated the Covid-19 catastrophe to enrich itself and his gang of ultra wealthy capitalist predators.


I assume that impeachment is still off the table, eh Nancy?

“Those that make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”
Seems I’ve heard that somewhere before. But who am I kidding, the only folks out there in tv land that are armed and crazy are the ones who already support the fascists, and have since before 9/11.
Besides, the dead will have to number 8 million, and not just 80,000 before the average American will notice. And by then it will be way too late for a peaceful transition of any kind.


Your choice, as usual, is Wall Street Red, or, Wall Street Blue



Hi Aleph_Null:
Oh my another Bush type appointee i.e. the debacle of hurricane Katrina and “Heck of a bob, Brownie.”
Here we have another Trump disaster, has Trump copied Bush with “Heck of a job Kadlec…” what a strange name Kadlec is. Cat owners might feel it makes the sound of a stuck fur ball—but fur balls aren’t killers although the Trump admin people have shown that lack of concern = death. : (.


Obscene that we have come to this and still NNU has to fight for PPEs!

From NNU:

RSVP: Virtual Candlelight Vigil

Sign up now to join our virtual candlelight vigil this Tuesday, May 12, at 6:30pm PT/9:30pm ET. RSVP now and we’ll send you an email reminder at the start time of the event with the link to join live or watch the recording.

During the livestream, we’ll come together to hold a nationwide virtual candlelight vigil and not only honor fallen nurses, but also call attention to the lives that are at stake if our elected leaders continue to leave nurses without the proper PPE we need.

When: Tuesday, May 12 at 6:30pm PT/9:30pm ET
Where: Facebook Live


Every year there’s a special week dedicated to nurses, CD posters!

Nearly one hundred nurses in the United States have died so far from COVID-19. To honor our colleagues and those of us health care workers who are still putting our lives at risk, we’re holding a nationwide virtual candlelight vigil at the conclusion of Nurses Week.

By coming together, we will not only honor these nurses, but also call attention to the lives that are at stake if our elected leaders continue to leave us without the proper PPE we need. We must join together to say enough is enough.

Will you stand in solidarity with nurses and join our virtual candlelight vigil this Tuesday, May 12th, at 6:30pm PT/9:30pm ET?

Since the beginning of this crisis, nurses have been put at risk and exposed to COVID-19 without proper protections — many losing their lives to the virus. But it didn’t have to be this way.

Employers and Congress have refused to take action to protect nurses even as more and more of us die due to the lack of PPE and other protections.

That’s why we are coming together on Tuesday night to create a space to collectively mourn the lives of nurses who have died and empower one another to take a stand in continuing to demand protections from employers and Congress.

Nurses Week may be coming to an end, but we will never stop speaking out until nurses are protected as we fight on the front lines to keep you safe.

In solidarity,

National Nurses United


You’re right. It’s like the nation is being run by minions of beelzebub, who’s last act on earth were to attend a Dale Carnegie seminar.
What kind of twisted fucked up world do we live in, eh?


This is a devastating document, only the tip of the iceberg of corruption and political criminality.


half the country has already quit this farce. that’s a pretty good legitimacy hit already. take out another 20 % of the remainder, and then things get dicey for power. An election where the winner only has the approval of, say, 15 percent of eligible voters?
Hardly the stuff of civic loyalty nor of a Right to Rule.

So let the 20% fascists play in their sandbox of sorrow. You’re not changing them at the ballot box anyway.


Clearly, it’s Obama’s fault.
Or fake news.
Or the offers were ignored due to the impeachment hearings.
Or …

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