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'Criminal Negligence': Trump Officials Ignored Company's Offer to Make 7 Million N95 Masks Per Month in Early Days of Pandemic

That has been the fascist playbook since the days Reagan. Make the government so corrupt and inefficient that the people will lose all faith in it.
Done and done.


As devastating as Bright’s report is, the wider context is a generation of corruption in the drug approval business.


Can you imagine how useful it would have been for this type of corruption to have been a focus of impeachment instead of the ridiculous Russiagate antics?


Seems like SOMETIME the people at the top would realize that if all of us little people go, some of them will have to do what the little people now do, or society simply won’t survive – that is if there is anything left after we’re gone anyway.


Hi BigB:
Oh I was wondering about Reagan the other day. He and Ollie North UNDERMINED a sitting president, CARTER-----and yet nothing happened to them! Iran-Contra—it seems like most of what politicians do is deny that something is illegal and go ahead and do whatever.
Of course, Nixon was finally nailed for all his illegal crap--------I guess that was back when the FBI was honest, and when there were real journalists at the NY Times and the Washington Post. As in ancient history, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but overextending money growth and war—sigh---------nothing does last forever, but I was hoping that America would be a lot better by now. I guess if America respected its own laws, then maybe this nation could be great----

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I hope the covid-19 deaths would help fuel people’s passions to take matters into our own hands since the criminally negligent system seems to protect it’s own.


sounds like a likely addition to description of ‘malignant narcissism’

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From The Atlantic

Their States Are in Crisis. They’re Declaring Victory Anyway.

For the Republican governors reopening their economies, “bad news may be around the corner.”


The Washington Post reports that :slight_smile:
Coronavirus flares as states and countries ease social distancing.

Frankly, when I watch the videos of beach goers in Florida and the seniors where I live not keeping this distance either and without masks it looks to me that things will get a lot worse.

From Bloomberg News:

What We Don’t Know About Coronavirus Origins Might Kill Us

The WHO is seeking a new mission to China to hunt for the pathogen’s source.



Just think yourself well. It’s negative thoughts from people like us that are preventing total elimination of the Covid Monster. Toxic mix of Peale, Carnegie, and The Secret. It’s your own fault you’re sick. Or poor. Or disabled. Or…whatever.
Riane Eisler predicted the dominator dystopia to end in a radioactive wasteland. A global plague wasn’t even on her radar. However, the result is the same. Strongmen governments refusing to share data on a virulent disease so they won’t look weak will now lead to only the worthy getting any vaccines or useful treatments. Global South-you’re toast.
And the 1% have no idea how to do their own laundry or clean their toilets, much less cook and grow their food. Hubris-meet Nemesis.


Yes. I think this needs to be practically like the Nuremburg trials, or maybe like the Truth and Reconciliation panels in post-apartheid South Africa. Jail time for the worst offenders, compelling of complete testimony by all involved.

Vicious R.E.M. Music Video Parody Takes Down Trump On COVID-19

“I thought I heard you coughing,” Donald Trump “sings” in twisted spoof of R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion” — renamed “Losing My Civilians.”


Alec Baldwin’s Trump congratulates ‘class of COVID-19’ on ‘SNL’ season finale

“I’m so honored to be your validictator,” he says.



I’ve thought for some time now that the federal government should have pulled out all stops and produced billions of N95 (disposable) masks, not just for health workers, but for every man, woman and child in this country. These masks would help protect not only the other person, but the person wearing the mask. Instead, people are having to make their own masks, which only protect others (often times, Trump supporters who don’t wear them). This is the kind of serious action/leadership undertaken by governments like China and South Korea. Instead, what we have here amounts to genocide.


LOL! You nailed it!

80,000 dead Americans and nobody answering for it.
4 Dead at Benghazi and Clinton is dragged through a half dozen congressional hearings by republican blood lusting jerks.

Very true.

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Best line I have heard in a long time. Mother Nature bats last whether there is anyone left to field the ball or not…


Damn rght. Real men don’t wear masks. Real men die on ventilators.

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Any such lawsuit must include every member of the House and Senate of both parties, with leaders of those chambers at the top of the list.


Then we can rename all streets “Tobacco Road.” Work for slave wages, and be forever indentured.
It’s the drink of the past. The one where the working class ingredient sinks to the bottom of the glass, and the elite rise to the top. The elite need a 12 step program to save them, and us.

Have to admit i had to look up Riane Eisler but my interest is now piqued. She seems to be a formidable woman.
Thanks for the mention.