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'Criminal Negligence': Trump Officials Ignored Company's Offer to Make 7 Million N95 Masks Per Month in Early Days of Pandemic

So are city and county authorities in Chicago and elsewhere. Where and when did this virus get a start and then grow legs, running all over the planet? It will kill millions and millions, eventually.
In fact, what is being put on a pedastal ( MSM & The Federal PTBs ) of the proper political response to the pandemic; who to blame ( besides America, of course ). And being buried is the what and where and when… it’s becoming clear to some that " the fix is in " regarding the question of origin and timelines of COVID-19.
COVID-19 is becoming a fascination with #s and which state is projecting better or worse daily based on #s of dead people of color, of people who are 65+ years of age, nurses, nursing home deaths, etc. etc.( Talk about taking your eye off the ball, and that meeting the ol’ hidden ball trick-here it is folks ). Stats, stats … and damnable distractions all. Can’t see the forest for all the damn trees, can you? { snark }
It’s taking on all the aspects of an obsessive spectator sports fanatic ( for those who are keeping score of this genocide at home- ? ) or a weekly power ranking for college football teams.
The Trumpster’s call on this pandemic response, " we’re going to war with COVID-19…it’s a war against COVID-19… " Bah! Blah! Blah! The first victim of war is the truth. The second victim of war is figuring out who, what ( and why ) and how this ongoing disaster got started?
Will we ever know?

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I wonder how many masks were available in the ME. 110 dead in Iraq and 120 in Afghanistan. We must have done SOMETHING right over there.

Good luck convincing ANY 'PoopLickens – OR any members of the DNC – that this is the case!

Not to worry, PB — Mother Nature will provide millions of vultures and billions of bugs to do the job
for free.  The remnants of human “civilization” will not last long.

And who might THAT be?  Bye-Done?  Buddy-Geek??  Bait-Oh???   Gimme A Break!!!

And ONLY 80,000 dead?   We have passed that number just this morning.   If the “Liberate MY Locality” MAGA-Morons get their way, the ‘Self-Selection for Infection’ movement will add a minimum of a quarter million to the total, not counting the collateral damage to their families, friends and neighbors.

According to Section 3 of ARTICLE III of the Constitution of the United States, "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort . . . "  Since it is Donald J. Trump himself who declared War against Covid-19, and since it is Donald J. Trump who has most consistently given Aid and Comfort to Covid-19 in this War, therefor be it hereby declared that Donald J. Trump has committed Treason against the United States and is immediately Removed from the Office of the Presidency and placed in Solitary Confine­ment for the remainder of his sorry life.


How do you like the Democratic Establishment now G?

Sure, the Repukes all have blood on their hands, and the opposition party does what?

Why aren’t they screaming “Murder” every damn day?

I’m losing all hope that either of the two evils presented to us as alternatives this November will fix what they’ve collectively broken over the past 40+ years.


It’s as though all the conspiracy theories have come to light. Like insurance company policies, and as you say, the two party two step.
I am sicked every day that the revolution is put on hold.

A Bernie revolution was in order here but for lack of interest in progressive changes, we sit in this shit.

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I lost all hope about 20 years ago. O’bummer was the last straw…


I’m praying for a very large meteor Unc.

Very large!

The light show will be very quick but at least I’ll know that all of the slimeballs in DC will most likely be shitting their pants, if not munching on a gun barrel because of their cowardice.

Bye Unc.

Trump, imo, is an anomaly. When he is gone we have an opportunity to return to something way more normal. Will we?

I’m hoping that Tweetle-Dumb and Pencel-Head have both already accomplished Self-Selection for Infection and that, in spite of the yuge effort that will be made to cure them, both will suffer great pun­ishment prior to succumbing to their final, lingering comas before passing along into the nether realm.  Of course it is also necessary, for the good of the Nation, that both Nancy P’Loser and Moscow Mitch also succumb, along with nearly all current & former members of “our” Congress over the age of forty, so that the office of the Presiduncy can be kept open pending election on November 3rd of someone at least marginally qualified to serve. Although little can be accomplished during the summer and early fall with so many vacancies in “our” national government, at least significantly less harm is likely to be done than if the status quo continues . . .

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Persons as D.T. and his “officials” have proven that they need to be shown the door, out of the U.S.A.


Normal. I’m afraid that the Vampires in DC, having tasted the bloodlust of the past months will only want more.

And more.

Which in the long run will mean, “more” for them, having served their Oligarchs so well.

I apologize G for being so morbid today.

Must be feeling my mortality.

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“When he is gone…”
It’s more like “if.”

The door to Hell is the only appropriate door they need to be shown.


Usually, all we are given is psychopaths, sociopaths or narcissists - when really lucky, all effing three.


trump is 100% positive that he has never done anything wrong.

Laurie Garrett’s work has been very grounding through this. Elizabeth Kolbert is peerless at grasping broad ecological complexities and communicating clearly – the best science-writer ever, imho. Laurie Garrett is a very close second, with a balance more on the side of her own technical expertise, which is essential to cut through the absolute shambles of global preparedness for something like this. She warned about this 25 years ago in The Coming Plague. Garrett was also a main science-advisor to Soderberg on Contagion, where Marburg was the nightmare virus-model of that film. A very different viral personality than SARS2 is Marburg – indiscriminately fatal. In Garrett’s account, viral explorers went hunting high and low for the first clues about Marburg: how is it transmitted – where is its reservoir? – and failed.


Well it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day where it originated; it’s here.



The ineptitude:


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Yes Trump is positively sure of it, even when he raped a woman in a New York City department store woman’s dressing room!

If you bring up Iraq or Afghanistan; holy moly, you’re really wading into the deep end of a swamp. Don’t go there regarding COVID-19, can’t you read the posted signage, WARNING !
Remember 9/11, the " who could have foreseen this coming " of Condi, and the subsequent 9/11 Commission report? Well, then don’t forget Ol’ Rumsfeld & Co. on his 9/12 preparations, for going to war with Iraq, that is . ( After the pre-game warm up called Afghanistan. ) Talk about a government being quick on its feet; the nimbleness of the Security State, what amazing speed is exhibited by the Alphabets, the coalition of the willing, et al. What planning and preparedness they’re showing to the world! Wow!
Now that’s called decisive action; being the only indispensable nation on the planet, then proving it by your swift response. ( Omitting and neglecting the little factoid that they were going after the wrong country’s criminal elements and the wrong country’s energy resources- funny that. )
Fast forward to COVID-19: the same permanent federal gov’t and some of the same " wise men " as official players, creating and enabling ( in some people’s minds ) the greatest fustercluck in the nation’s history. Certainly, in regards to the economy and the general welfare of the bottom 50% of its’ citizenry. BTW- Truth be known they’re not Republicans, increasingly not Democrats, either. They’re just called the permanently disenfranchised and disposable, for ease of pigeonholing purposes, one imagines. YIKES!
As COVID-19 plays out and runs it course, the people who think there’s something fishy going on, something is afoot, will grow in #s. Just like those who have serious doubts about the official accounts of what went down regarding 9/11. Both groups are/will be marginalized and labels like unpatriotic, the tinfoil hat crowd and loose cannon are/will be used to preface their questions and concerns.
As AG Barr says, " history is written by winners ", after all the dust settles. Or, all of the unnecessary dead have dirt thrown in their faces one last time. Vaya con Dios, my aching arse.
" They got a name for the winners in the world, I want a name when I lose. They call Alabama The Crimson Tide, call me Deacon Blues. "