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'Criminal Negligence': Trump Officials Ignored Company's Offer to Make 7 Million N95 Masks Per Month in Early Days of Pandemic

Reminded me of “farenheit 9/11”.

The virus could be legit, but if it gets worse, which many scientists predict, it could be the precursor of Trump declaring Martial Law in the fall, after all, what better way to steal and cheat in November?

Well, Trumpster won by 80,000 key votes, right?
And now, the official death count has hit that mark, while the unofficial death count is 110,000-125, 000 and growing ( expanding ). Where that # will end up is written; not in the stars, but in ourselves. Just how much are we tasked with having to put up with, after all? From the " Get a fxxking job, you dirty fxxking hip…er, environmentalists and poor chumps " crowd, no less. SOSDD ( Same Old Shit Different Decade ).

The Cheyenne and Oglalla Sioux are being given an ultimatum by Governor Noem; let us give you COVID-19 or we’ll sick ( pun-my bad ) the National Guard and Feds on you, again…and, again… and, again… ( " The only good Injun is a dead Injun " - S. Dakota’s real state motto ). 509-556 broken treaties, and counting, later. But, only non-counters matter, right?
The Santa Clarita case study; if the CDC and the Trumpster fans could of explained away this seeming anomaly; and buried it in Chinatown, you really think they wouldn’t have? " Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown "; still hangs its hat on this rusty old nail, after all the dirty double-crossing by The Trumpster’s minions. Exactly how many saps have to die before Trump & McConnell ( aka- Big Shorty & Short Biggy ) get their way, anyway?
And really, what better parting gift to leave the state which you were born in, and scorned ( and possibly sends you, and yours, to prison ) you to move to a state that respects ( fears? ) you, than a real good dose of COVID-19? And, given not much to defend themselves with, thanks to privatizing and profiteering of the absolute most disgusting kind?
Harry Truman would of hung Trump & His Ilk in front of the Lincoln Memorial; not for being criminals, but for being such horribly bad patriots in the time of COVID-19. Harry might of said, " I don’t give a shit who intentionally started this fire, it’s way past time to put the damn thing out. "
Just speculatin’, of course.
But if it quacks like a duck, waddles when it walks like a duck, fly like a duck and looks like a duck… well, you know.

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Trump is going to cheat and steal in the 2020 elections, that’s a given. What about the 2020 census, the apportionment of electoral votes, possible gerrymandering… there’s a bunch of issues on the slate; why do you think it’s only about Trump’s big-time election shenanigans?

Yes. I recall seeing Laurie Garett on a news show last week. They asked her some asinine question about virus spread and she let out an exasperated sigh. She knows our government dropped the ball on this virus that now owns America. I honestly don’t think they even care anymore. All they care about is how well Wall Street is doing(thanks to trillions of cash infusion/future debt). We’re toast unless we can get a savior scientist who can come up with the right vaccine.

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Excellent guardian article, thanks. Quite an observation from Jay Rosen:

When the business of government becomes limited to populist set pieces, its ranks are purged of doers and populated instead with cheerleaders. This is how we ended up with the current cast of dazed-in-headlights Tory cabinet members. In the US, the very notion of an “administration” has been worn away. As the New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen puts it, “There is no White House. Not in the sense that journalists have always used that term. It’s just Trump – and people who work in the building.”

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Thank you for this post.

Just the other day he said “The one thing we’ve learned [in the pandemic] is that I was right.”

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I do sympathise with you compassionate Americans. And here is an example of compassion:


Yes, I saw that wonderful jesture of solidarity, and spiritual reciprocity, by the people of Ireland. Thanks from someone who, in the best of Irish traditions stands up for the underdog, the little guy and unrigged fair fights.
Long may you run, long may you run.

We killed off the old and weak in those countries years ago

100% agree and Trump will use covid19!

If you believe there was ever a time when the FBI was honest, I recommend the incredible book, “The FBI Nobody Knows,” by Fred J. Cook written way back when, I can even remember but I read it sometime in the 1960s. And as for the real journalists, there really were some, along with a few independent newspapers, such as The Guardian. There was a 'fairness doctrine, a prohibition against consolidation of ownership of media which meant the media was not in the hands of less than a handful of corporate owners. That, I believe, has made all the difference.

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Vultures are endangered species due to human actions, including actively poisoning them.

I read that article and made a contribution to join the Irish in donating to the Hopi and Navaho Families. I hope you all have done that too, if you can. They had raised more than $2 million when I contributed.

I quoted your link but for some reason it won’t allow me to post a link, even as a quote. It didn’t use to be that way but somehow I am not on the ‘good’ list.


He would have been more honest if he said “The one thing we’ve learned is that everything I’ve said about this pandemic is correct and these so called doctors have been wrong about everything”.

The vultures will bounce back quickly, gorging themselves on all the bodies that the MAGA-Morons’ “Self Selection For Infection” will leave behind.   (Unfortunately, none of the MAGA-Morons will self-quarantine, so the body count will include a yuge number of their co-workers, families, friends, and neighbors . . . )

Hi 4thefuture:
Oh that sounds like a wonderful book and I will see if I can locate it! Thank you.: )

IMO, your first sentence is false — Tweetle-Dumb is merely a manifestation of a cancer that has been growing in “our” government – indeed, throughout our nation – for several decades.   Your second sen­tence, while technically true, is – based upon the progress said cancer has made in recent years – IMO mere wishful thinking.  Which makes the answer to your third brief sentence a resounding “Not Likely”.