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Criminalizing Choice: Georgia Woman Jailed After Taking Abortion Pill


Criminalizing Choice: Georgia Woman Jailed After Taking Abortion Pill

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Following a trend of conservative state governments criminalizing women's reproductive health choices, Georgia woman Kenlissa Jones was arrested and charged with malice murder after taking an abortion pill.


GOP the torture vagina and bedroom police party. The ahole of modern history. Enema anyone?


Our nation is so damn retrograde when it comes to women’s rights, minority rights, racism, social safety nets, etc. It breaks my heart to know that this woman (and others who have suffered trying to do what is right and good for their lives and those of their families) will now have to face a veritable tribunal (not unlike those of the Inquisition or the Middle Ages) after enduring physical and emotional trauma. Where is the compassion, the loving-kindness, and the empathy? These “feticide” laws targeting a woman’s right to choose are victimizing women, ruining their lives and those of their families. What will happen to Kenlissa’s child while she is jailed and perhaps incarcerated for who-knows-how-many years? Who, making the rules and meting out the punishment, thinks about this? Absolute outright cruelty.


Well, as the former United States (now the Fourth Reich) continues to descend into barbarism and cruelty both here and abroad, apparently the Powers that Be will not be happy until women have the same choices they had before Roe vs Wade.

  • The wealthy can take a “vacation” in Sweden; the poor get a rusty coat hanger in a back alley and possibly die of sepsis.
  • Now with these laws providing for prison for anyone suspected of trying to abort a child, we are moving toward something similar to the old law against suicide, in England I think. Suicide was a capital crime and anyone attempting it would be executed.
  • I’ve lived too long. I was so happy when Roe vs Wade happened. I saw women getting freedom to own and run their own bodies and make decisions concerning them. Now, I see us retrograding every year, every month, with more curtailment of our rights, and an increasingly punitive government working to control us all, in virtually every aspect of our lives.


I can understand charging Kenlissa Jones if a state law was broken, However I cannot understand what the rational was for an arrest and holding her without bond.

Clearly Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards owes Kenlissa Jones a formal apology and compensation for the pain and suffering this unnecessary arrest and incarceration have caused.


I know a woman who was experiencing severe pain but her doctor was booked up and could not see her for over two months - unless she was pregnant. Pregnant women are given priority over women with cysts, tumors and cancer, possibly a ruptured ovary! Yet when a woman who cannot afford to carry or raise a child, and she makes a decision like this GA woman, she’s made into a criminal. OBGyns have a mandate that they are supposed to do all they can to keep a woman fertile and healthy during her childbearing years. Yet when a woman decides not to have children, she’s made into a pariah. Disgusting.
In some communities, even birth control is demonized!


The GOP again basically stating that it wants to reach up your vagina and insert your FREEDUMB!


Looks like the only way the people are going to retain their freedoms is with a gun…since the courts are in bed with the legislature…while the US falls into the abyss.


Whose womb is it anyway?


good job there conservitards… Who do these boneheaded conservitards think is going to raise her 2 y/o child? I suppose all those same conservitards are just standing in line hoping that they get to be the lucky one to adopt her child. I wish I could find a way to wreek such hardship and suffering on these exceptionalist white boy conservitards. They would deserve every last morsel of suffering as they have inflicted so much on the masses that they see as beneath them.


Can always trust the religious freaks to be the feral monkeys their beliefs demand. Feral monkeys with imaginary friends need to be rounded up and sterilized then put in a small boat and sent out to sea. They are 100,000 years behind mankind and don’t possess the humanity or intelligence to ever catch up. Until they are permanently removed from society everyone is stuck in their dark ages.

Religion the speed bump to evolution.


Edwards needs a speedy trial for treason and execution.